16th Birthday Gift ideas for Boyfriend

16th Birthday Gift ideas for BoyfriendThe 16th Birthday is the first step towards maturity. Being the girlfriend of this 16 year old boy is the best opportunity for you to spoil your special guy. Though most of the gifts these days are quite expensive so their can a possibility that you might be low on your budget. The key here is to identify the interest of your guy and then accordingly plan for it. If you are not too sure on 16th Birthday gift ideas for boyfriend then you do not have to worry a lot as here in the article you can get help on this.

Gifts to look for the 16th birthday

Buying Tickets

The first thing is to know the interests and hobbies of your guy. Most of the 16 year old guys like watching movies, music also they are very much interested in sports. If your guy likes sports and you are a bit low on your budget then buy tickets in a less expensive seating. Similarly you can buy tickets for a movie or a concert that you think that he will like. If you think that the concert is not something for you then you can buy an extra ticket for his friend to accompany him.


Most of the teenage boys have a hidden desire to look their best with fashionable clothing. Buy gift coupons for your guy and join him to visit his favorite store and see what he likes. You can look for designer jackets, jeans or tees. If your guy is a sports freak look for T Shirts that has a logo of his favorite team or players.

Car kit package

Though most of the teenage guys do not have license to drive a car however this is a first step for the 16 year old guy in the process. Gift your guy a car care package that includes car key rings, car freshener, music CD’s an adapter for his music player. Look for CD’s that have his favorite collection of music. Write a note suggesting him places you both can visit together. This can be a personal gift from your side and also this will not be too costly.

Favorite Collections

At the age of 16 most of the guys have a hobby of collecting different kind of stuff like stamps, pens, lighters, music CD’s etc. If your guy likes music gift him posters of his favorite bands so that he can frame it in his room. If he is the one who is into sports gift him a helmet or signed balls with a signature of his favorite player or athlete. Gifting model cars is another option for you as most of the teenage guys like this collectible.


It is not always easy to buy a gift for a guy that has almost everything; however it is also not always impossible to look for a perfect gift for your special guy. The best gift for your 16 year old boyfriend should be something that comes from your heart. Also a perfect gift can be something that portrays who he is and what are his likes rather than giving him an expensive gift.