17th Birthday Gift ideas for Boyfriend

17th Birthday Gift ideas for BoyfriendSometimes it is a difficult thing to find the right kind of gift for your boyfriend even if you are into a healthy relationship. However thankfully there are plenty of options if you are thinking about 17th birthday gift ideas for boyfriend and these will not be very expensive for you to afford. If you are the girlfriend that knows about his hobbies and interests then the budget is not a problem and you can find the best and enjoyable gifts for your 17 year old boyfriend.

Gift ideas for boyfriends 17th birthday

Low Budget gifts

There are a few gifts that you can make yourself however if you think that you can’t make it and also you are low on your budget then you should think of some creative ideas. Most of the 17 year guys get license to drive a car so you can gift him a key chain or a key ring which has his name embedded on it you can also gift him a sunglass so that he is comfortable in driving during hot and sunny days.

DIY (Do it yourself gifts)

If you are thinking that you might be low on your budget or you thinking of gifting something personal then you should make something of your own, you can consider cooking his favorite cuisine or a dessert. You can also plan for a picnic or throw a pool in party with your common friends. Burn a CD of his favorite songs that you think he enjoys listening to.

Medium Budget gifts

If you think that your budget is not too low and not too high then you should consider buying tickets for a concert, movie or if he is interested in sports then you can buy a ticket for a baseball or a football match. You can also look for a CD/DVD of his favorite songs or movies. As your boyfriend will be heading for the college very soon so gifting something useful like a coffee or a tea maker will be a good idea.

High Budget gifts      

If you have a high budget then you have plenty of option to gift your 17 year boyfriend. You can surprise him by gifting him some expensive apparels, you can also look for some iPod, watches or USB roll up kit so that he can directly record music on the laptop or a desktop. If he likes gadgets then you can gift him with an attractive iPhone as well. You can also look for some expensive lighters like a Zippo. To surprise him you can book an appointment with a salon to give him a complete spa treatment, body massage, back rub and a pedicure.

Junk Food

No matter it’s your 17 years old boyfriends birthday or even if he is turning 60 there is always a craving in men for some good junk food. Get a basket or even a 30 gallon trash bag and fill it up with his favorite snacks. You can book a restaurant and throw a surprise party include his friends and take suggestions from them on what junk food he likes the most and make his day a special one.