18th Birthday Gift ideas for Boyfriend

18th Birthday Gift ideas for BoyfriendTurning 18 is a milestone event for a boy and is often the turning point in life. If you are thinking about the perfect gift for your boyfriend then it is very important that you know about his personality, hobbies and his interests. Now that we are talking about the 18th birthday gift ideas for boyfriend then you should consider a gift that can be helpful in his future and his goals in life. Think about a gift that can help him in college or even in workforce. When the boyfriend is turning 18 then it is about being more responsible and grabbing opportunities.

Gift ideas for boyfriend turning 18

Personal Grooming

Now that your boyfriend has entered into adulthood so the hormonal activities will be active and chances are that your guy has been shaving for at least a couple of years and has been using the same disposable shaver. Now you can help him to upgrade to a new and sophisticated shaving kit like the electric shaver, beard trimmer or some high quality manual razor which also contain branded shaving creams, a cologne or an after shave lotion.

Wardrobe changeover

Now your boyfriend’s life is taking a change and it will be most probable that he will entering into a new college or embarking a new career so the chances are that his old high school wardrobe is no more sufficient. You should think about gifting new attire to your boyfriend which can be business formals apart from the casual clothes that he wears while attending classes.

Travel Kit

After high school many guys get some extra time to spend before they enter into a college or university. So if your boyfriend is one who likes to travel then he will definitely plan for a trip or even a trip abroad. So now you can gift him a travel gear, you can look for a durable duffel bag which can contain all of his useful stuff. To make it look more attractive you can have his initials monogrammed on it. You can also include a passport holder if he plans for an overseas trip.

Electronic Items

Many eighteen year old boyfriends are keen on electronic items and by gifting one of these you can never go wrong with the gift. You can gift him a video game like play station, X Box, Nintendo etc. Also you can look for some digital cameras that also include a video camera which can help him record his memorable moments with you his family and friends. You can also look for MP3 Player or some accessories to go with his existing one.


The gift needs to be a complete knockout if your guy is a sports freak. One good thing about your sporty boyfriend is that you have number of gift options, like you can include clothing with logo of his favorite team, a jersey with the name of his best athlete; these clothing options include pants, jerseys, hats, shirts and even undergarments. There are a number of sports gaming which also means motion gaming that will catch his interest.