19th Birthday Gift ideas for Boyfriend

19th Birthday Gift ideas for BoyfriendThinking about a birthday gift often creates stress however you will never ignore gifting something for your special one and on a special occasion like a birthday of your boyfriend. Being in a relationship at this age is exciting and an unforgettable experience and by gifting your 19 year boyfriend with something special will show how much he means to you. While there are many gifts that can prove to be exciting and enjoyable yet thinking about 19th birthday gift ideas for your boyfriend there are some gifts which can bring in sentiments to your relationship.

Gift items for boyfriends 19th birthday

Relationship Gifts

You can pay homage to your beautiful relationship with gifting something that is sentimental. To give you an idea you can look for a nice leather bound scrapbook that have pictures of you two with some beautiful thoughts and poems on it, you can even decorate each page with glitters and colorful markers on it. You can also include a gift basket with the discount coupons and tokens that you two have been collecting while on your previous dates that can be useful for your future dining’s and movies.

Burn a CD

Another great way of showing how much you care for him and how much you know about his music you can go ahead a burn a CD of his favorite tracks. Create a CD with the mixing of different themes such as love & laughter, you can also write titles like “how much I love you”, “eternal love” or happy being with you. To bring in more attraction you can decorate the cover of the CD’s with pictures of you two together.

Activity Gifts

There are many entertaining activity tickets that you can purchase and attend together as a couple. To give you some examples you can take your guy for a hot air balloon ride and include some of his favorite snacks or meal to enjoy while you two take a ride. Going for a dinner with some live music can be quite entertaining. You can also look for locations that provide you with some adventurous activities and you will find that these locations are romantic as well.

Household Items

Most of the 19 year guys tend to leave the home as they might get themselves enrolled with colleges and universities which are away from the hometown or they can also take admission to universities which are overseas. This means that your boyfriend might move in to his first apartment that can be on sharing basis, a PG or a studio apartment. You can always gift him with some useful items like glasses, pots, plates, cups and even coffee maker.

Arrange a theme party

You can surprise your special guy by throwing a surprise theme party; invite his close friends and family. Plan for a theme party based upon the year of his birth. To give an example if your boyfriends birth year is 1994 then you can arrange a DJ or a band that can play the music from the same year, you can also arrange for clothing theme of the same year.