21st Birthday Gift ideas for Boyfriend

21st Birthday Gift ideas for BoyfriendFor a few different reasons your boyfriends 21st birthday is considered as a landmark. As you turn 18 and you get eligible to vote or even get yourself enlisted in military similarly when you turn 21 then you are entering into adulthood. When your boyfriends turns 21 then in some countries it also makes him eligible to legally drink alcohol. If you are thinking about 21st birthday gift ideas for boyfriend then you should make sure that you mark this milestone of 21 with a memorable gift. Below are few gift ideas that will help you out.

Gift ideas for boyfriends 21st birthday

Romantic Gift

Though it can be embarrassing if you gift him a bouquet of 21 roses however if your boyfriend is someone who is sentimental then you should go for it. You can also use the number 21 for few other romantic gifts. You can gift him a collage giving him 21 reasons why you love him. Make an album of 21 pages pasting 21 photos of both of you together. Arrange for a romantic dinner in the moonlight with a bottle of his favorite champagne.

Functional Gift 

When your boyfriend is entering into official adulthood then functional gifts are a worth for them. An engraved wrist watch or wall clock is also a good choice. Electronic items or gadgets for his 21st birthday are also another option if you two have been into a long term relationship. You can go ahead and personalize the gifts yourself; you can add a custom touch to the devices. If your boyfriend is a writer then you can try with a personalized 21st birthday writing journal.

Fun gifts

If your boyfriend is the one who likes to party and he is also thrilled as now he can legally drink then gifting him with a fun 21st birthday is a great choice. You can surprise him by gifting him a set of 21 different imported beers or trendy shot glasses. If your guy likes a night out drinking beer while playing poker then you can arrange for the same inviting few of his best friends. To create a different kind of fun gift him with a sassy phrase or a personal image on his boxer shorts.


When you turn 21 then the time is something that goes by much quickly. Gifting him with an heirloom quality watch can be a classic 21 birthday gift idea. You can also gift him with a gold or silver coated wrist watch with his name and DOB engraved on it. Also a platinum chain watch can be a good idea as he can wear it with both casual and business clothing.

Electronic Gifts

There are a variety of electronic entertainment gifts that electronic retailers provide. Try to know whether your boyfriend has a video game that he owns and if not then you can gift him with a video game with some wide collection of games that he enjoys. If your boyfriend enjoys listening to music then you can burn a CD of his favorite tracks also you can gift him with an iPod.