22nd Birthday Gift ideas for Boyfriend

22nd Birthday Gift ideas for BoyfriendGiving a thoughtful gift on your boyfriends 22nd birthday will help your relationship and bonding to stay stronger and at the same time it will show how much you know him and love him. A meaningful gift will help you to show depth of your feeling for him and will strengthen the bonding between you two. The 22nd birthday is the year after your big celebration of turning 21. So if you are thinking about the 22nd birthday gift ideas for boyfriend then below is a list of few gift ideas that you can keep handy.

Gift Ideas for boyfriends 22nd birthday

A personalized gift

You can give a useful gift by giving a thoughtful and personalized touch to it. To give you an example you can gift him golf bag if likes games, you can monogram his initials on the golf bag. Most the guys turning 22 often look for new jobs so you can also give him a stylish watch or cuff link with a lovely message engraved on it. A good idea can be that you borrow a T Shirt or a shirt of his a few weeks before his birthday and get his initials or his first name embroidered on it. You can also buy a wooden picture frame and paint if yourself and put in a nice picture of you two together.

A romantic gift

You can sweep your boyfriend off his feet on his 22nd birthday by doing something romantic. Go ahead and blindfold your guy and take him to a luxury hotel. Arrange for a body massage that you can do it yourself; help him to relax on his special day by enjoying in the Jacuzzi. You can also surprise him by sending a singing telegram with flowers and some candies. Write a beautiful message or create a web page about your beautiful relationship and how special he makes you feel.

Activity gift


You can arrange for a guys only weekend by inviting few of his close friends, you can buy a few tickets for some sporting events or a few passes for a golf club. Fill a box of his favorite beverages or beers that he will enjoy with the friends. If your boyfriend had wished to attend a class and could not attend for some reason then you can surprise him by paying for it. The class could be about cooking or a foreign language class. You can also arrange for a picnic to some beautiful place with few of his favorite snacks or book for some adventurous activities.

Hobby gift

If you take interest in the activities or hobbies that your boyfriend is interested in then it can be a beautiful gift in itself. If your boyfriend is a music freak then you can consider in upgrading his Mp3 player or getting him some guitar lessons. On the other hand if your boyfriend is interested in cars then you can book tickets for a car race. The best thing is to join your boyfriend for any kind of event even if it’s not something that you enjoy. This will make him feel special and both of you can enjoy together.