Amazing Benefits Of Thermoherb Masks

Body and facial masks with thermal effect have a slimming complex composition of active ingredients with beneficial effects for the skin. They’re formulated with a maximum content of plant components, rich, with concentrated extracts of wild plants. It stimulates the regeneration processes and has a skin rejuvenating effect. It facilitates the elimination of toxins, soothes the skin and improves its elasticity. Softens, protects from harmful environmental influences, and activates the metabolic processes of the skin.

Benefits Of Thermoherb Masks

Tips to choose the correct thermo herb mask

  • Before choosing a thermo herb facial mask, must establish what kind of skin type do you have and what do you ask from that mask: nutrition, hydration, regeneration, cleaning and know the effect you expect from this procedure.
  • Before applying the mask, clean your face in her depth. Throughout the day gathers many impurities, toxins and particles from makeup sweating. For effective cleaning, use a cleanser in the first stage, then a toner according to your skin
  • Respect all steps for mask efficiency. The mask will not have the desired effect if it is applied to untreated skin. It is also very important that the time during which the mask is on the face, to relax, to have a comfortable and enjoy the time with no other worries or activities.
  • It is advisable to apply the mask immediately after a steam bath or apply in advance to a hot compress. For oily skin, you can make steam baths twice a week, for normal skin once a week and for dry and sensitive skin every two weeks. If you have blood pressure problems replacing herbal baths with warm compresses.

Amazing Benefits of Thermo herb Masks

1. Each mask is made with a unique formula, with an original composition. The combination of mask components is made with the maximum contribution of all natural active ingredients, plant properties contained therein.

2. The mask covers the entire skin, resulting in a high thermal effect, allowing pores to open more quickly, increasing the efficiency masks by almost 90%. The effect of thermal conductivity is increased and the nutrients enter instantly in skin cells, saturating deeper layers of skin with vitamins and minerals.

3. They are extremely easy to use. Remove mold and apply it on the cleaned face. After 15 minutes you will feel younger and more confident. It is an extremely fast way to refresh the skin, giving it a radiant look.

Ointments made from various herbs, castor oil, palm oil, lard, butter and metal powders were intended to protect skin from the sun, insect bites, wind or cold. Medicinal plants used in herbal cosmetics are naturally dried and used as an infusion, decoction, and tincture, extract oil or soak. Some herbs (chamomile, thyme, sage, juniper, sage crust etc.) have astringent and antiseptic effects, and their repeated use skin care can cause skin pores decrease. It is a tonic for the skin as they have witch hazel, peppermint, horsetail etc. Other herbs (lime, marshmallow root, and marshmallow forest) contain mucilaginous and have a soothing and smoothing the skin.

Thermo herb mask types

  • Thermo mask with chamomile- combine the healing and antiseptic properties of vitamin C from chamomile producing a relaxing and soothing action on the skin; it is recommended to treat all skin types. Thermo mask with chamomile flowers cleans the skin in depth, help remove dead skin cells, it softens, soothes and protects it against infections.
  • Thermo mask with rattle- this treatment is recommended for sensitive, dry and wrinkled skin. The mask can be applied two or three times a week, has nutritional effects on the skin, soothes, softens skin and restore elasticity, diminishing superficial wrinkles.

Cleaning the skin depth is a necessity that can be converted into pampering. Made using thermal masks, it improves blood circulation and removes toxins and will remain fresh and bright complexion.

Thermo herb mask application

These masks allow the skin to absorb quickly heat substances used in cosmetic products. Following their application, the tissue becomes firmer, more stretched and the skin remains perfectly clean and smooth. In principle, the process is similar for most types of products of this type, i.e. get wet face and apply the mask on wet area (avoiding eye contact), activating this presence of water. Then moisten fingertips and massage the skin for one minute, followed by rinsing with water.

Thermo herb masks are effective provided they are suitable to your skin; they contain natural ingredients with demonstrated effectiveness. But be very careful, can have side effects in case of people who have real skin problems (acne, sensitive skin, dry etc.) if they’re wrongly used.