Best Bicycles for Overweight Women

Women often consider that being overweight is a curse on them and they lose the confidence of being a beautiful women, there are many options in today’s world that give you ample of opportunities s to shed the extra pounds, few of the examples are gym, exercises, yoga, meditation, bicycling etc, Here we will help you find out the best bicycles for overweight women. Don’t hesitate to do cycling even if you are overweight, give your body the chance to open up your body muscles with a bit of sweating that can help you lose the extra flab in your body.

Best Bicycles for Overweight Women

Women feel awkward when they are on the heavier side and they feel uncomfortable adjusting with the bicycle with that extra gathering of flesh. There is no contradiction being overweight and being a cyclist. You can try going with a bit of mental and physical adjustments with choosing the right kind of bicycle to tone up your body.

Change mindset of being overweight

Change the thought of being overweight, you do not have to wait for being slimmer to ride a bike, Cycling will eventually do no harm to your body instead you will find out that slowly and gradually you are losing the extra weight with help of shedding a bit of sweat, below are few bikes that can suit with your body type.

Bicycles For Overweight and Heavy Women

Full suspension comfort bicycles: Mountain bicycles are considered to be one of the best in terms of comfort for overweight women; these bicycles have broad tyres with off the road tread that gives the rider extra traction and shock absorption. If you have the passion to go through rough tracks or rocky trails then mountains bikes are the best to ride and it’s not something that you cannot ride these bikes on smooth and cemented roads. Mountain bikes have comfortable seating options which will give comfort if you have heavy hips, the seats can be adjusted the way you want and you have the option to select a seat according to your needs. The price ranges from $175 to $200 you can these from brands like planet Bike, Camelbak, Trek and many more.

Hybrid Bicycles: If you like riding on different terrains then you should consider the Hybrid bicycle, these are great bikes when you decide to go to work through parks do shopping or like riding through country trails, these are also good for new cyclist and importantly for women who are overweight. These bicycles can fit in additional accessories like carry bags, bike pannier racks, chain guards, mudguards which will protect your clothes from dust, mud and grease in every ride. The Brands you can chose are Btwin & Treks and price ranges from $350 to $ 550.

Axis Bicycles: Don’t be afraid in testing different kind of bikes, the looks of the bike does matter when we select a bike, however more important is the comfort level, The Axis bicycle comes with more comfort comparing to other bicycles, There are different butt sizes so this bicycle gives you options to adjust the seat, the saddle makes a big difference in the seating arrangement, many women prefer slightly nose down position and then the end up sitting on the wrong side of the saddle which causes discomfort. The Axis also gives you options in selecting the ride kind of handles, If you are one of those athletic kind of overweight women you will opt for a bike which have curving handles and if you need to enjoy the ride go for straight handles which will prevent you from the backache’s which no overweight women prefers. The price ranges from $400 to $550 brands are Planet Bike, Treks, Btwin, Camelbak and more.