Best Blonde Hair Colors

Best Blonde Hair ColorsIf you are thinking of going blonde then one thing is for sure that they require a lot of maintenance, keeping apart the thought of going stereotypes. Regular toners, touch ups and deep conditioning is required if you are looking for blonde hair colors. Though the blonde colors do not go well for all women however for some it works as a magic to give you a completely ravishing look and to boost up your confidence. Below in the article you can find a few best blonde hair colors that can give you a completely different look.

Keeping Blonde hair color you want

•    Vanilla Blonde

You will have to make a major commitment if you are planning on going for a baby blonde, many colorists recommend for touching up of roots every 3 weeks to keep the look and the color, this hair color goes with a bright golden hue with pale highlights. Always consider to keep your hair short as bleaching most often turns up in damaging the hair.

•    Blush Blonde

Even if you are women with very fair skin you can still go for the blush blonde without being washed out, the blush blonde adds extra color to the hair. The strawberry blonde under toned with golden highlights give warmth to the cheek area.

•    Sun Kissed Blonde

Brunettes who want to shift to blonde this sun kissed blonde is the perfect hue, the hue or the color resembles the light of the sun on the hair, by painting shades of lightning creams with different shades without foil you can easily achieve this type blonde color.

•    Rose Gold

If you want to transition from summer to fall this marigold shade is perfect for you. This is a mixture of golden, honey and apricot hue that creates a multidimensional color. The finishing is done with a near ivory highlight to brighten the face as the lowlight underneath are prone to fade. Colorists recommend frequent conditioning masks as well.

•    Buttery blonde

You will have to build dimension from the roots if you have hazel or brown eyes, the base should be whatever color the lightest fleck of your eyes are also a recommendation is a quick base bump so that the roots are warmed up. The lowlights should be caramel or honey so that the eyes are brought out otherwise the color can leave you washed out.

•    Sandy Blonde

This is a balance of cool golden and highlights that perfectly adds depth without losing the bright blonde you always craved for. As you can warm up the skin and adjust it so this happens to be the most forgiving color at any age. The skin tends to be much pale in the winter you can ask your colorist for more golden highlights.

•    Grown out Blonde

The hair goes more highlighted at the ends starting from the neck and going much darker at the roots, you can ask you colorist to add 4 or 5 more false roots and blending the lighter ends. The color goes best with long hair and will suit best on women in their thirties.