Best Clothing Styles for Overweight Women

Best Clothing Styles for Overweight WomenWe live in high fashion age. Thus it becomes tough to live with those traditional clothes and unattractive wardrobe. All you need is a change! Well the basic goal here is to play up your best features and cover those unappealing areas. Who else more than a plus size woman can better know about this! There’s lot an overweight woman struggles to keep herself in the group. Clothing experiments and styling takes the first seat when an overweight woman decides to look too hot for her plus size. In that case, she needs to understand her body type and its needs rather than just adopting any clothing style which may end up as a disaster.

Be reminded that any woman can look fabulous irrespective of her size. Only condition is to know what clothing style will work best for her body type.

Four common types of overweight and curvy women

Funnel Shaped – She has curves on top half and has a larger chest area than her hips.

Apple Shaped – She is fuller around her middle body and is the curviest around her belly.

Pear Shaped – She has larger hips than her body. Her waist is often but not always short. She has long and full legs.

Hourglass Shaped – She has a classic 8-shape figure. She has a full chest balanced with full hips and has a well defined short waist.

Best Clothing Fashion Styles for Overweight Women

Now you know your body type so it’s high time to know some best clothing styles for overweight women. Here you go!

Clothing for Funnel-Shaped Lady

Open neck and V-neck suits these ladies as these works best to make you look slimmer by adding length to your neck. Also wearing vertical prints can help hide that extra figure. If you want to go short, wear short skirts and flaunt your long legs that will give an illusion of you being sleek. Remember you have a wider top, so covering your bottom with anything that has flares will work best for you to create a balance and you would be able to look cooler!

Clothing for Apple-Shaped Lady

Say no to patterns for the top half. Limit that just for bottoms. To look proportionate and slim, wear V-neck tops with A-line skirts or flared pants. If you want to mix match, wear single breasted jackets and leave them open. Go for most of monochromatic outfits! Though don’t just limit yourself from experimentation but you will look a lot slimmer with these tips.

Clothing for Pear-Shaped Lady

Go bold with your upper half. Wear anything from bold colors to larger prints, glitter to gold or anything that makes it look noticeable. It is advisable to wear bold colors on top and dark at the bottom. Cover your waist with long jackets and tops to give yourself a taller look that fakes about your chubbiness.

Clothing for Hourglass-Shaped Lady

Although you are overweight or little curvier than you should be but you have an advantage and that is the hourglass shape! You can flaunt with almost anything because you have a perfect body shape and dressing with a little smartness will not hide your chubbiness but you will also look a hundred times appealing. For this body type you should wear belted dress that will highlight your lovely waist. Wrap dresses works best for you. Flatter your hips with A-line skirts. Wear long heels and you are good to go!