Best Hair Color for Blue Eyes

Best Hair Color for Blue EyesFinding hair color which goes with your eyes is not a difficult task, however if you get it wrong the result can be unnatural altercation to your skin tone. If you want to get it right you will have to consider how well it goes with your skin tone. To know more about best hair color for blue eyes below in the article you will find more help with some tips and tricks. The basic or the first step as told above is to determine your skin tone, simple way to know about this is by looking at the color of your veins on your arms or wrist, you’re cool if they are bluish in color and you’re warm if they seem to be greenish.

Hair Colors that go best with Blue eyes

Warm skin tone and blue eyes

If you have a warm skin tone you should choose colors like honey, beige or gold, if you are looking for base shades colors like golden blonde, golden brown, chesnut or even color like auburn go well with blue eyes. If you want to look terrific or you want to add depth to your hair look for deeper and darker colors like red or deep auburn. Darker shades like dark chocolate flaming red and dark black for bring out the blue eyes. Copper, honey brown color and brunette suits well if you have very fair skin, adding streak or highlight of light red will bring accentuate the blue eyes.

Cool skin tone and blue eyes

You can think of words like ash or cool if you have cool skin tone, you need to forget the darker colors of red, black and even the blondes, subtle highlights of honey, ash or wheat will bring an added contrast to your eyes. Framing your hair with platinum or ash blonde will bring out the spark to your blue eyes. A quick advice is that if your desire is to keep your look 3 times lighter than the natural color then always consult with a professional hairstylist. Chocolate brown or black locks with stunning blue eyes and fair skin brings out a perfect contrast.

Few best hair colors for blue eyes

Dream girl blonde: A common truth is that men always dream about blue eyed blondes, one of the best is the sophisticated, sweet and sassy all American look. There are a variety of blonde shades that compliment blue eyes. Icy blondes and platinum look pale a bit more subtle is the ash blonde, a golden medium blonde hair color will bring brilliance to the blue eyes, this will also bring a transformation to your dark black hair, you can also try the sun kissed which look sensational with blue eyes.

Red, Brown and the black: Few of the best hair colors that go with blue eyes is the red, brown and the black this will bring a flattering look if you have a pale skin one advice is never let your hair go dry or dull if you wish to go with these deep colors, glossy and healthy looking hair look sexy and glamorous. To keep the glamorous look you should regularly use appropriate hair products.