Best Jeans for Overweight Men

Best Jeans for Overweight MenIf you browse the net and look on few of the forums you will find one forum where you will find people discussing about clothing and styling tips, one of the main questions you will find is about best jeans for overweight men or styling jeans for overweight men. You will be happy to know that there is a cut to suit each person this can be for short, tall, skinny or for fat people. The problem comes knowing which cut suits which person.

A person who has a good built or a perfectly proportioned man has no problem wearing any kind of cut however if he wears a low waist he might end up flaunting his wider middle section of his body. Low cut jeans go well with men who are on a skinnier side as the stomach is absolutely flat and there is no excess fat on his butts.

Jeans for overweight men

Most of the men have a wrong feeling that wearing skinny jeans or jeans with shiny textures make them look leaner, however the fact is that they look even heavier where they accentuate the bulges. If we talk about trousers then chinos works well as casual trousers for heavy men however if it has to be jeans then a loose fit, straight boot cut with normal waist is a good fit. Wearing a loose fitting and long T Shirt is a disguise for a hanging bear belly. If you do not wish attracting people on your sagging backside then look for jeans with plain black pockets. Below is a list for few jeans that will fit well for overweight men.

Tapered Jeans

Men who are overweight and also short in height then these jeans are a good option for them as they help in giving length to the legs.

Jeans with neutral colors

Wearing jeans with monochromatic colors like black, grey or khaki suit well on overweight men. This is a good option as this makes short and heavy men appear taller, always wear buttoned shirt which is tucked in to give you a sober and sophisticated look.

Boot cut jeans

These are the best jeans and suit overweight men or for any other men as they always give you an appearance of looking taller thus it helps people to ignore the bulges, do not wear baggy jeans it’s a big no as this will no ways make you look leaner but the opposite.

Overall Jeans

It is surprising however these also help fat men look a bit leaner, although these jeans are meant for people who work in farms or manufacturing plants but wearing them occasionally is no harm. If you are an elderly person then suspenders is also a great option.

Low rise jeans

To bring an illusion of a longer torso and to bring a taller silhouette low rise jeans work well, the ideal jeans for fat men are those that sit just below your belly button or the natural waist. Just like the boot cut this will help you look taller and leaner.