Best Long Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Best Long Hairstyles for Women Over 50A seasoned woman is spicy! Gail Sheehy, the proud author of Passages defines it so correctly. A woman over fifty is quite experienced and marinated so well throughout the first half of her life that now she is more confident, bold and pretty ready for living the next half of her life with even more zest and style. The journey through fiftieth inning makes her more adventurous and free! She is now free to do anything as most of her responsibilities have already been played well by her that now is her time to relax and pamper herself as she always wanted but had no time. Now she has got the time and money to spend exclusively on her. Each fifty plus woman would love to live the rest of her life according to her without any interruption. Now when she is ready for this big change in her life, adding one more taste would help her become more confident about her over all personality and beauty traits. You are right, we are hinting about getting some makeover. Not much, but a right hairdo would be enough to enhance your looks and will give you a grand entry to your fiftieth inning!

Long Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Here are some best long hairstyles for women over 50 that you can try and feel great about yourself without cutting your long hair short or altering them to an entirely different style.

Messy Waves

Many a time, messed up hair irritates women but you don’t know that these messy and wavy hairs can turn to a real style for your hair. If your hair are long and you do not want to cut them short then, keeping them to waist level or a little above the waist would maintain the length. Keeping some chopped and unequal waves all over your head would add style to your long hair and now the plain look will not bore you from looking again and again in the mirror.

Pony Tails

There is no age for making pony tails especially when you have beautiful long hair which you don’t want to get chopped. Pony tails look equally good on a fifty plus woman as it looks on a teen ager. Therefore, this is one best hairstyle for you, though you need a little experiment which can complement your age as you adopt this hairstyle often as casual or a party wear. As you grow old, your bones facial bones experience huge gravitation pull and facial mass start bulging down, therefore hair experts suggests adding crowning effect as you go about making pony tails at this age. Crown adds height to your face and provides lift. This ends up making you look ravishing! Don’t go with a plain pony tail, at your age crowning is a must!

Straight long hair with outward curls

This is one of the most appealing hairstyle a fifty plus woman with long hair can adopt. The only drawback is to manage the outward curls each day or you will always have to keep the curling rod with you so you can manage the curls. If you don’t feel bothered about keeping a curling rod every time in your bag, then you are good to go! Go ahead and try this hairstyle fearlessly.