Best Walking Shoes for Heavy Women

Walking benefits are the talk of the town these days. The more people are growing in weight, the more they are getting conscious about their well being. According to specialists, women are more likely to gain weight than man and so they tend to head for long walks to burn calories and be fit! In all the rush to take long leaps, they forget one important thing and that’s related to their feet. Walking is a best exercise only when you are wearing a right kind of shoe failing which may lead to many injuries right under your nose and you would not even sense that. Heavy women need to take some preventive measures to avoid foot injury caused due to wrong selection of walking shoes. According to an estimate as carried out by American Podiatric Medical Association, a 150lb. person while walking just a mile exerts a force of 63.5 tons on a single foot. Therefore, it becomes crucial for a heavy person to choose only right walking shoes and it becomes too essential in case of heavy women because women have week bones and a mere wrong shoe selection can injure them for a longer run.

Best Walking Shoes for Heavy Women

If you are on a heavier side then you should look for some tips on best walking shoes for heavy women. May be a tip or two can help a bit in deciding the right type of shoes which can provide a safe walking experience.

Common things to consider before buying walking shoes for heavier women

You can’t buy any shoe for walking purpose. You need to learn that you are a heavy woman and so you need a shoe which has extra cushioning not in the bottom but also on the ankle’s side. Hence you should focus on double cushioned shoes which can provide extra support to your feet against your heavy body weight that falls on feet as you walk. Shoe that has bevelled heel is right for the heavy ladies who doesn’t have arc support or better said who have flat feet. This supports the heel to toe motion of your natural movements and prevents your feet from getting injured. Do not buy a shoe which has hard sole at the bottom as this will exert opposite pressure on your feet which may lead to developing nerve problems. Make sure you have a comfy sole which absorbs your body pressure and don’t reflect it to your feet rather it is thrown on ground as you take long steps to shed those extra pounds.

Just before you plan to buy a walking shoe….

Be it online or physical today’s market is flooded with shoe selling points it being a fashion statement for new generation. But you are a heavy woman and so, just buying shoe based on your foot size is not something that you should focus on! Before you plan to spend money on a particular type of walking shoe, check out websites like which can assist you in determining your foot type, body balance, pressure points etc and you would better be able to make a right selection.

Average cost of buying women walking shoe

Women walking shoes comes in an average range between $50 to $150 or a bit higher. Being a woman you may wonder about higher cost of your simple walking shoes but unlike dress shoes, these costs for the comfort and medical ability they are equipped with.