Best Walking Shoes for Overweight Women with Flat Feet

Mission: Slimming via Walking

Walking is easiest and the most effective exercise to burn that earned fat! Women among aware overweight population prefer walking over tedious fat burning activities like aerobics and working out on heavy exercise machines. Women consider walking quick and effective as along with its lasting and natural slimming effects walking allows them to catch up with their daily chores as a dedicated mom and a busy working lady.

Best Walking Shoes for Overweight Women with Flat Feet

It is quite intelligent to rely on walking but very few out of these ladies posses knowledge about the right walking shoes. A mere wrong choice in selecting your walking shoes can lead to disastrous effects on your physical well being. Therefore, each overweight woman who aims for slimming via walking should know some crucial facts related to walking shoes

Walking shoe selection can be crucial especially for women who are not overweight but also have flat feet. Flat feet in itself are a drawback for overweight people. Flat feet don’t support your excessive weight and so more pressure is exerted on knees while walking or doing a long hours standing work.

To be in shape, you need to have the right shoes first

It is a myth among people that they can walk even bare foot or with any type of footwear for effective results. This becomes more invalid in case of flat feet, especially those of overweight women because their foot doesn’t provide arch support to their body and they tend to develop physical problems instead of getting slimmer through walking. The arch in the foot is meant to provide stability and support for the body which is absent in case of flat feet women. Less arch or flat feet may result in foot injury while our passionate weighty ladies walk fast to burn calories. Therefore wearing a right kind of shoe becomes important. So if you are an overweight woman and have flat feet then you should research about best walking shoes for overweight women with flat feet as this will help you in making a right choice before catching up with your mission: “slimming via walking”.

What makes a walking shoe best for flat feet?

  • A reasonably good arch support is the main criteria if you have an arch drop or flat feet. Overweight women should decide the comfort level by parallel walking rounds before investing in the product.
  • Tennis shoes are considered as the best walking shoes for flat feet because they have comfortable cushion along with arch support. This can help in reducing pain in hips and joints.
  • Your shoe is best if it has insoles as recommended by the orthopaedic physicians. Insoles help in recovering the arch in your foot. Therefore helps in smooth walking and makes it a wonderful experience for the walkers.
  • Medically fit shoes. These are a type of shoes as recommended by trained physician for flat feet. These are highly recommended for overweight women as these keeps them away from even minor injuries due to their heavy weight and less arch support.

Making walking a wonderful experience for overweight ladies with flat feet

Listed are some walking shoes for overweight women who are also flat feet:

New Balance MW976

This is a specially designed walking shoe for flat feet. It has a casual look with effective design. It uses Balance Rollbar technology which distributes weight evenly inside the shoe. It can be a comfortable experience for fast as well as slow steps.

Skechers Shape Ups

These are again a creative addition for flat feet and overweight women because these are designed in a way to help support your foot and ankle in one go. It’s sole is medically tested and is fixed in a way to support your target muscles in the legs. Thus, it keeps you walking without feeling tired. As a result this is gaining popularity among fitness walkers.

Brooks Addiction Walker

A little high on price, this shoe has the potential to stay with you for a longer run keeping your feet safe during rigorous walks. Even the most avid walkers don’t feel disappointed in terms of comfort the shoe provides. If comfort comes first than appearance for you, then you should have this in your wardrobe!