Best Workout Shoes for Overweight Women

best Workout Shoes for Overweight WomenWorkout and running is every “person” fitness activity in today’s world. The only equipment which is very necessary and safe for workout is a pair of high quality fitness shoes. These pair of shoes is best to prevent injuries while giving support to the ankles and feet. It is very important for the right kind of shoe selection for overweight women who are opting for workout in an effort to lose weight and to stay fit. Here in the article we will discuss few things about best workout shoes for overweight women as they usually have flat feet and then they tend to over-pronate which means to roll the feet inwards too much. It is advised to select motion control shoes from a quality manufacturer.

Best Shoe and brands for overweight women

Nike is a very famous and well renowned fitness shoe manufacturers located in Beaverton, Oregon. Initially it gained fame by manufacturing shoes for basketball however slowly and gradually they have started their corporate life in manufacturing running and fitness shoes. For overweight men and women who are prone to overpronation injuries the brand manufactures motion control shoes to prevent injuries for example “ankle rolling too far”. While mostly the motion shoes are heavy for the feet however they have produces another variety that is ‘Nike Air Cesium‘ which are ultra light and protects you from injuries.


The Asics was founded in Cobe, Japan in the year 1949, in his living room a person with the name of Kihachiro Onitsuka started to sew basketball shoes and then the country broke in the US market in 1977. Asics has been producing cutting edge athletic shoes on the basis of researched sports science.  The models of shoes that you can find for workout, running and walking are the Gel Foundation 8 and the Gel Evolution .


Saucony is a company that produces only running shoes, so if are an overweight women and looking to shed some weight while running and walking then these shoes are the best choice. Like any other branded companies Saucony gives you various models of motion control shoes suitable for overweight people. Saucony has its own grid models such as the Grid Stabil and Grid Hammer which gives way to the Saucony motion control shoes.

New Balance

New balance once again mostly produces running shoes for the overweight and that too at very low prices, so this is an ideal choice for women who are just starting to achieve weight loss through running or walking and who are a bit hesitant to spend a lot on shoes for workout. MR 1011 and 992 for men and WR1011 and MR 1123 for women are the most preferred for motion control shoes.

Do your research

Avoid the temptation just to buy a pair of shoes depending upon the size of your foot. Always do some research by know the 3 important factors which are size, arch and gait. Then you can try wearing several pair of shoes and see which one fits you the best. This will also help you to find out whether your feet tend to roll in, out or if they remain neutral.