Bikes for Overweight People

BiBikes for Overweight PeopleOne of the most comfortable and safe exercise for overweight people to shed the extra weight is through cycling, it is also considered as a good aerobic activity to increase stamina, improve muscle tone while you burn calories. If you are obese and you are looking for bikes for overweight people then the first thing is look for a bike that can carry extra weight load. There are few bike manufacturers who build bikes for heavy people that can carry off up to 550 lbs. finding the right kind of bike for obese requires a bit of research as it is a great tool if you are thinking to shed extra weight.

Things to look for the right kind of Bike

Construction of the bike

One important thing to look for in a bike is the construction of the bike. Though you can find bikes just built for the overweight however you should always look for bikes with steel frames, wide tires and strong rims with heavy spokes. A comfortable saddle and with a straight handle is a must so that you don have to go with back pain and sprains. Wide and steel paddles are good as that is one of the areas for most of the wear and tear.

Comfort and fit

The key for comfort on your bike largely depends on the right kind of seat, if you see that the seat is too small to fit in you can always find large and padded seats, bikes for heavy people should always be comfortable, you can also find seats that are up to 12” and can also convert into a bench like seat. The clearance of the saddle should always be 2” compared to top bar. Also make sure that your knees should be slightly bent when your feet is at the bottom of the bike pedals.

Handle bars, paddles and cranks

In order to spread the weight load for heavy people you should look for bikes with wide handlebars, look for sturdy stem which gives strength and durability to the front of the bike.  As heavy people can mount up extra load on the paddles look for extra wide and steel paddles as they can break frequently so do not hesitate on paying a few extra bucks.


If you are looking for more comfort then tricycles are a good option for you, this is a three wheeled cycle called as a tricycle, and it also has extra space to carry extra load if you are a person who loves to shop for groceries and other home products, this might not give you the typical image of a bike however it is still good for daily exercise while you shop. Tricycles also come with a basket and other accessories. Tricycle can cost you a few extra dollars however they prove as a good transportation option as well besides exercising.


You should always test ride several bikes for comfort and fit, it is advisable to look for cruiser or trike bikes as in mountain bikes you have to lean a bit forward and this can cause un comfort. If you face pain in the groin area then always look for the correct height and wideness of the saddle.