Clothes for Fat Short Women

Clothes for Fat Short WomenOnce in our lives we ask this question which is very common for fat short women, the question is “does this outfit make me look fat”?  There are certain clothes for fat short women in whom they think wearing them will make them look much slimmer and taller, however on the other hand you will find out that these outfits will make you look bigger and much shorter. Below are some suggestion on what and what not to wear if you are looking clothes for fat short women.

How To Dress When You Are Overweight & Petite

Skin tight dress 

Skin tight dress is a big no for fat short women as it can be a mistake wearing them especially when you want to look slimmer and taller, if there are horizontal lines appearing that too near the bust, hips and thighs then this type of dress is not the one for you, also if the dress is too short or too revealing then the effect of being oversized is likely to be multiplied.

Full skirts

The widening effect of a full skirt equals to a guaranteed fashion faux pas, short women should avoid wearing full skirts and the worst are the full circle skirts an example is poodle skirts which were very famous in the 1950’s these skirts produce a lot of fullness near the top of the hips, pleated skirts which are stitched down are an exception depending on the style factors.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans is something that does not even fit well to women who are already skinny as anyhow skinny women already do not have the curves to flaunt, if you like wearing skin tight jeans make sure they are of the same length and size from waist to toe, if they get widen up from the calf it will give a bad look. Jeans that have straight legs often look good on short women.

Bulky Sweaters

Visually bulky sweaters give a heavier look even if bulky pounds do not reflect on the body, if the bulky sweaters have features like turtlneck, wraparound style that fall below the hips or cowl then the weight is magnified. Any type of bulk or oversized clothing is bad especially for women who are fat and short.

Puffy Down Coat

A puffy down coat not only makes a women look much heavier it also makes the body feel shapeless; it is a similar feeling when you are wearing bulky sweaters. It is a good idea to wear flattering winter coat styles; the very common coats for short women are the one that are simple black in color with not too much of styling, knee length and single breasted coat are the best options if you want to look slimmer and taller.

Ankle Wrap Shoes

If you want to cut off the leg line then ankle wrap shoes are the one’s that you should go for, they visually shorten the figure; women look wider when they are wearing ankle wrap shoes as they give a heavier look. This is true when the color of the ankle wrap shoe goes in contrast with the color of the legs. Shoes with a dynamite pair of heels will give you a much leaner and taller look.