Clothing for Overweight Men

Clothing for Overweight MenOne of the problems that overweight men think is that they cannot dress well because of being overweight, if you want to bring out the first impression then it is always advised to keep a decent wardrobe even if you do not have the perfect shape. Here you will get some help if you are thinking about clothing for overweight men as not all men are gifted with the naturally perfect physique however it is a fact that if you have good clothing and grooming knowledge it can bring out a great amount of difference towards your looks and personality.

Appropriate clothing for overweight men

Accepting your body

Though you have always struggled on losing the extra weight accept your body for what it is right now, many men bring out depression by working out as not many are really successful on shedding the weight. The depression very often brings out the anxiety as they sound a bit horrible and awkward.

Avoid wearing tight clothes

If you wear too tight clothes you will end up revealing the lumps and bumps and you will rather prefer not to bring attention to it. Wearing clothes that are too tight often make you look much heavier than you actually are.

Shirts with sloped shoulders

You should always avoid wearing shirts with sloped shoulders as they will only draw attention to the mid section of your body. Look for shirts with squared shoulders as this will draw more attention towards you face and the chest. Also look for T Shirt which are labeled as tall avoid buying baggy clothing.

Wear a Low rise trouser or Jeans

Always look for low rise trousers or jeans that sit well on your hips, avoid wearing trouser or jeans that hit your waist as it will bring attention towards your big belly. The distance between your waistband and the crotch is much shorter in low rise trouser or jeans. Also do not fill up your pockets as they show extra flab on the hips and thighs.

Wear a Belt

One thing that works well is by always wearing a belt which is thick and wide, wear it a bit tightly with the shirt or T Shirt tucked in rather than an untucked one. Wearing a belt which is wide and thick will avoid the attention of your belly also it will be much comfortable comparing to a narrow belt.

V Neck T Shirts

Wearing a V Neck T shirt always bring an illusion of a slimmer neckline and shoulder, this works well as this will bring more focus towards your chest instead of the neckline. If you are looking for Shirts then look for shirts that have pointed collars this brings attention to your face rather than others parts of the body.

Wear dark Shades

It is a true and tried fact that dark shades detract and lighter shades attract the attention, if you have a large torso comparing to your bottom half then you should wear a darker shade on the top and a lighter shade of trouser or jeans this will bring a proportion to your body. Also wear trouser without pleats and wear shirts with vertical stripes.