Cool Nicknames for Fat People

Cool Nicknames for Fat PeopleWho does not have a friend who is not fat? Being fat is not disguise! It can be genetic, similar to what a lean friend can be, there is no one who is perfect, and in fact people who are obese are much friendlier and fun to be around with. Fat people are intently called with weird names and that is such misery for those sweet friends of ours. Why don’t we think giving names to fat people before we look into our side of the story, we can be lean but giving you a name of being starvation which can impact on the mind is a different story altogether, (Hope what I mean here!!). Why can’t we be human’s think with a positive frame of mind?

Every one of us want to be unique in our own style may it be with the mind, body, soul, intelligence, traits, monetary and the list can go on, isn’t it? Let’s go and find out for cool names for fat people who can be your friend, a neighbour, an acquaintance, a fat kid or anyone who is close to you or why not give some happiness to people who are strangers to us and they are exhausted listening with different identity we give to them.

Try these cool names for your close fatty ones

Cool Nicknames for fat Friends: Now each one of us have male and female friends, not to forget the one you love and you wish to get married too, sounds interesting right? Anyways let’s not divert from the topic, here are some names that you can call for yourself or for your fat friends; for e.g. fat girls, you can call fatty patty, sugar bowl, chunkey monkey, bunny rabbit, though some names can be annoying however the interest is not always to brag about the bulky appearance that they carry.

Cool Nick names for fatty Hubbies: What about calling him Chubby hubby, Donut, Sweet Plumpton, Plummy, Sugar Pumpkin, Chunky Chunk, Chuckles, Blubber berry instead of belly, calling him with different names will not hurt him at all unless he does not understand your feelings for him, so go ahead and try out some of your inventions ladies!

Cool nicknames for your fat Wife: Now things will get more spiced up? Won’t they, cause it’s the wife who is on the call now, what about buddha belly, Chabba bubba, often women are annoyed as husbands might end up in calling them with names which are not acceptable e.g. too may twinkies, wide load, big frame, big butt and these often hurt the sentiments, however the intention cannot be judged. Why not be more romantic calling her with Thunders thighs, Fabulously Flab, Tubby Mummy, Think of new names to make her happy and a much more charming wife.

Cool Nicknames for fat Kids: Being a bulky kid and being called with funny names is so miserable, names being called fatty, bulky, hulk, fat ass and we never know what we might end up called with, why not add something cool in front of that ‘fat’ word, something like, Bunny Bean, Samurai Sam, Joey Mighty, Fatty Boom Shak, Fatty Fred etc.