Cute Hairstyles for Overweight Women

Hairstyles are the biggest concern for women and girls and their interest and worries doubles as their weight continues to grow with their age. Fat woman keep looking for hairstyles which can make her look slimmer and attractive. An efficient hairstyle for fat women is the one that can hide the crowning of their cheeks, double chin and neck line. It becomes crucial for fat women to look cute with their chubs else they end up looking ugly with that excessive fat on body and face.

Cute Hairstyles for Overweight Women

Hairstyles for fat women include a wide array of styling that can make them look cute along with providing slimming effect to their facial structure. Hairstylists today are intelligent enough to understand each customers need and provide customized solutions. Therefore it becomes pretty easier for fat women today to put their need in front of the hair experts and get the cutest hair do for her. Here are few cute hairstyles for overweight women which you can suggest to your hairstylist the very next time you plan a visit for a hairdo.

Try these cute hairstyles and look a lot slimmer


Toned medium length

A chubby woman looks cute in her original and toned medium length hairstyle. Flicks are the best experiment you can do with this type of hair cut as these will help in hiding that bulging facial mass and you will look cute and younger than your actual age. What else you need? So don’t forget to try this the next time you prepare for a hairdo.

Cute Ponytail

Ponytails look good on all women and girls but these look even cooler on fat women if she knows how to carry it well and make use of puffs to add height to her face. Don’t just tie all your hair in a pony tail. Make an effort to do a hair up do in front and then tie your left hair in a ponytail. This will add height to your face like a Barbie doll. Now tell me who can beat you at cuteness? Try this updo and you are sure to steal hearts!

Loose Fringes

Loose fringes on forehead and sides can give you sweetest look as ever! Loose fringes add beauty and charm to a chubby face. Only trying these will make you discover the beauty in fat!

Layered hairstyle

This hairstyle looks good on almost every girl and women. Overweight women can experiment this for hiding their facial mass. Layers will make you look cute when you leave them loose to flatter on face.

Very short hairstyle

Now this is a tough choice! Not all fat women will look cute in this hairstyle. For going short overweight women will have to identify her face type first as this may make you look ugly if it’s not on the right face cut. Well as a secret, it looks cute on all those fat ladies who have square face with broader jaw line.

Side-swept updo

Loose layers on one side and a high up do on the other makes a fat girl/woman look cute as layers hide chubbiness while updo on other side adds height to her face. This can be the best party hairstyle for any overweight women.