Different Hair Weaving Techniques

Different Hair Weaving TechniquesUsing hair extensions are believed to be the one of the easiest ideas to get long hair in very less time as well. You can do the techniques in so many ways and to know the details of different hair weaving techniques you should take a look to below mentioned ways. Here not only the list of techniques has mentioned but the little description for every weaving technique is also given so that you can understand that in well.

Famous Hair weaving and extensions techniques

Malaysian Link Method– This is one hair technique that is helpful to provide you natural as well as untraceable look. It is actually sewed in method which as result provides you strong and protected hair. People who have short hair or they have cut that down to 1 inch length can use the same so that at end would get fullness and length to hair. Who don’t have braids and bulks should definitely try the same technique for hassle free means bonding agent and glue free technique. It is a imaginative technique because you can use that as braids, ponytails or any of the style you love to adopt. You have also chance to wash your hair and if don’t want then keep that sew in at the place. If you take good care of your hair then definitely sew in would be stayed at the place for around 10 weeks.

Designer Weaves– This specific technique is wonderful for linking paste. Using the technique, you can get so many beautifully elegant styles and looks and the main art is the whole work can be done in no sitting time. A fluid sealant guard is applied at the top layer of the hair which would save the hair from linking glue. Then after immediate excursion under hair, use dryer for next 20 minutes. Now, time to apply wings which would provide the new style of your choice.

Partial Weaving- The same method can be any of these methods. Using partial weaves, you need to just do two things which are totalling and joining together. After some extensions, you would get enhanced natural hair. You can also increase the hair length with the same too.

Traditional Sew-in and net weaving– This hair weaving technique is specially made to get full weaves which is actually a thin net that is required to use on the crown of your braided hair. The net used in the process provides as a foundation and thus expansions can be applied without unwieldiness. It is an excellent way to leave the look of baldness or thinning hair as well. The net which is used for the work also helps to hide the problems area if any. It also allocate extensions should be connected to the hair expansions to be fixed over the hair thining area and the whole work haven’t put extra pressure to your natural hair. If you have taken great care of that then no doubt it would stay there for next 10-12 weeks.