Edgy Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Edgy Hairstyles for Women Over 50The pixie has turned out to be the coolest option among other hair cuts for women. This came in craze during late 1950s as an outstanding trial by famous celebrities like Audrey and others who took the lead in chopping their head for getting some rock and pop look. These edgy hairstyles then became women’s first love whenever they wanted to go short. In today’s fast paced and experimenting fashion and styling world, the edgy hairstyle has become a modest choice among the women over 50.

Over 50 women more often tend to find a hairstyle which is manageable and can match with their appearance. Edgy haircut can be very well defining and can be one best haircut which you may have adopted in your lifetime. Here are few great ideas on best edgy hairstyles for women over 50, let’s have a look and decide what suits you best.

Few Edgy Haircuts for Women above 50 years

Cool Short Edges

Cool short edges chopped with perfection works beautifully on any women over 50. If you have a strong personality, this haircut will add more style and looks. If you are a mom, get your children surprised with this super cool hairstyle which will make them want you to take for a date! To adopt this hairstyle, get your hair chopped in fine edges which rests at the top of your head. Concentrate on getting the finer edges falling at the forehead gracefully to add glamour.

Edges with different length of hair

One good thing with the edgy hairstyle is that it can be experimented on various hair types and hair lengths and it still looks good! Cool edgy hair cut gives the coolest look. Therefore, there is no harm in trying few short edges with different length of hair all over your head. If you want to keep a layered look, mixing it with short edges will definitely add charm to your personality at this age of 50 or above.

Straight edges

How about the idea of getting some cool straight edges? This could be a best selection for a woman with shot round face as the straight edges adds length to your face and covers the roundness. Straight edges look classy and apt for all occasions. Also you don’t have to be too worried about the maintenance of the straight edges as in case of straightened hair.

Tight Fix Edges

If you are a woman with perfect oval face, then few tight fix edges can help in emphasizing your facial structure in the best possible manner. A woman with well defined jaw line can flaunt with this hairstyle, it suits her just like anything.

Well-Defined Short Edges

A woman with perfect feminine facial features and the too feminine characteristics which her face reveals can go for well-defined short edges as these works best when it’s about a woman who doesn’t exhibit hard looks and possess soft looks, rightly said! Some well defined edges help in highlighting the softest looks on her face which looks even more wonderful and worth praising as professionally touched edges.