Must Know Hair Care tips for Monsoon

A phenomenon that can become international due to climate change is “beauty during monsoon”. Rain and humidity can ruin hair and makeup, so women living in those areas affected by monsoons, alter their beauty regime when the rainy season begins. Funds based on silicone, traditional Kohl pencils and eye makeup with waterproof are basic makeup, perfectly combined with harsh hair and hairstyles.

The monsoon face treatments

Hair Care tips for MonsoonAncient Ayurvedic remedies remain popular and cheap in those areas. Most treatments are based on rudimentary scrubs and face mask homemade, such as those that are found in milk and almond powder. Pimples and blemishes are treated with a paste of water and sandalwood, a natural antiseptic. Another treatment for the body, used especially after waxing, consists of a mixture of flour, yogurt, milk and lemon juice, which seems to slow down the hair growth.

The hair treatment during monsoon season

Not only skin suffers from cold weather, but also hair.

  • First, you need to use conditioner every time you wash your head, and once a week to make your mask easy to feed it in depth.
  • A good solution to keep your hair in monsoon glowing is to use a hair oil or oil mask every two weeks. Also, if you can afford it, go once a month to a beauty salon to create your own protein treatment.
  • When the atmosphere is damp, hair does not want to sit in any way. It is electrified, and even lacks volume – either way; it’s still not what you wanted. The best solution in this case is to use a shampoo and a conditioner and creamy balm that you can easily leave hair. Also a nourishing mask applied from time to time, and when it dries, uses a wooden brush.
  • Hair full of sebum – The problem can be permanent and not just the monsoon season, and for that, the only solution is to wash your hair more often. However, do not use a shampoo for oily hair, but a normal hair because can aggravate the problem.

Change of season brings numerous changes in hair care routine. Now is the time when some cosmetics must be replaced with different treatments that are suitable for the monsoon season; you have to apply new techniques of care. The explanation is simple: cool weather, wind, humidity is stressful to hair and therefore the ornament capillary needs to be protected accordingly.

Perhaps the most common problem is hair loss for women. Although the phenomenon is normally the result of hormonal changes the body goes through with the installation of a new monsoon season, with the help of simple rules can considerably minimize the problem. In addition to hair loss, women also face fragility, cracking or dull it.

Best Monsoon Skin and Hair Care Tips for Men and Women

1. Cut your tips to regenerate dull hair. The first thing you need to do is to fix the problems encountered during the hot season. In general, at the end of this season, hair is already damaged by UV rays, chlorine from the pool, salt particles, becoming dry and brittle. Therefore, to raise him look healthy, you should mow your tips.

2. Hydration is a mandatory operation. Use a strong moisturizing hair conditioner, containing olive oil, coconut oil or jojoba oil. To increase resistance to moisturize hair follicles and even better, you can heat the oil in advance.

3. The wind may weaken your hair, so it is necessary to use a mask that fortifies and strengthens hair. Apply weekly such a homemade mask, depending on your hair type. Use ingredients such as egg yolk, yogurt and olive oil, which restore the hair and strengthen it.

4. Use the right hair accessories. To prevent split ends (wind can be one of the reasons), it is advisable to use quality accessories for your hair like a brush with wood that will not break your threads. It is also good to use less styling gadgets, not stressing your hair and more.

5. Wear a hat or a scarf when the wind blows stronger. These accessories are not only very fashionable, but you and protect hair from the wind. Be careful not to squeeze too hard to not wear a scarf or hat too small because you can restrict the circulation of the scalp. Also make sure you have an umbrella in your bag for rainy days to protect your hair!

6. To reduce hair loss, make sure you take the necessary vitamins and minerals. Drastic diets lead to imbalances that affect hair health. So it is advisable to consume an adequate dose of protein, zinc, iron and B vitamins sites.

Men’s hair care during monsoon

Because of the alternation of temperature hair peaks splits faster and hats are necessary during the monsoon season. Therefore, a first solution to this problem would be trimming the ends more often, and use of products that protect against splitting or their damage, such as those in the ranges

The second step would be to dye your hair at shorter intervals, because in this period spend less time in the sun, making the natural pigments in the hair to lose its color and thus be dull hair.

A very important role it is the correct washing and brushing the hair, more than 2 times per week. The correct procedure for washing hair involves using a moisturizing shampoo if your hair is natural or a regenerator shampoo if your hair is chemically treated.

Also this season, avoid going out of the house with wet hair. It is advisable to use as little as hair dryer, curling iron and board, hair because they are more sensitive to the rain outside weather. To use them, apply in advance to ensure thermal protection products.

For dried and dulled hair use a proper shampoo, which will protect it form the corrosive actions of sun, wind and dust. Use castor oil to gives your hair the wanted shine. Apply it before washing with few hours.

Don’t rub your hair using the towel as those strong actions you make can harm it. Let it staying, wrapped into the towel or use gentle moves to dry it.

A proper Hair Care during the Monsoons also means a correct diagnosis of the problems they face and use the right products for your hair type.