Hairstyles for Overweight Women with Round Faces

Hairstyles for Overweight Women with Round FacesHairstyles and women are two unending business! Women love to flatter with new hairstyles every now and then. They do it so rigorously that sometime they end up with an ugly looking hairdo which gives folks a chance to make their fun or give offending remarks. The question is why in the first place these hairstyle obsessed women don’t analyze their face type and then do some research on the right kind of hairstyle which can match with their face type and reveal best features.

Round Faces and Hairstyle: A choice to make for overweight women!

Women with round faces often complain about their hairstyles. Especially if they are overweight then it seems to them that none of the hairstyle gives them appealing look because they look heavier due to their round face and bulgy figure in addition to that! In that case, they are totally wrong. There are lot of hairstyles for overweight women with round faces which can make them look too young for their age and too slim for their weight! An only thing matter is the right selection and an expert hair technician who knows his stuff. Then you are good to go!

An expert hair technician knows that how much it means to add height (length) for a round face. In all that effort parts, updos and bangs are experimented to make you look charmer than ever before. You can also take examples from round faced celebrities like Kate Bosworth, Kelly Clarkson, Mila Kunis, Kirsten Dunst, Hayden Panettiere and many others. They often keep hairstyles that involve face framing bangs and layers ending below the chin.

Best Hairstyles for Overweight Women with Round Faces

Bangs and Parts for Round Faces

The so called “front hair” or bangs alter the appearance of a round face positively while centre parting is not too impressive for such faces and thus it should be avoided. Centre parting makes you look heavier than actual. Therefore, experimenting a side or diagonal parting is a right choice for those with round faces. Also trying long side swept bangs can be helpful in offsetting the roundness of the face. If you don’t like part then wearing a lace braid would help. Just be reminded to keep it few inches back from your forehead to give a slimmer look.

Adding Height to Hairdos

Adding height to round faces can help highlight your best facial features. You can flatter with your round face by giving a crowing effect to your hair style. For this using a voluminising spray would help in creating lift at the roots. Also making puff can be fruitful if only you know how to manage with it without looking uncomfortable about the shape. If nothing works, using a sleek headband would help in lifting your front hair up and making it look just like a well defined puff. Trying a pony tail with updo will add more charm to your persona as all of this together gives a sleek look to round faces. Try it and you will better know how cool it looks on round face women.

Soft curls on cheeks

This is another good experiment that round face women can do without any regrets as falling curls on cheeks will fake that roundness on face and it will give an ultra sleek look to add to your charm. Young or old, fat or thin, any women can try this hairstyle and she is sure to receive compliments.