Hairstyles for Overweight Women with Thin Hair

Hairstyles for Overweight Women with Thin HairOverweight is often a dilemma that women face and because of being overweight there are many other problems that overweight women have to go through, for example she has to wake up every morning thinking what can I do to look beautiful, A lot slimmer, how can I attract people I love? The thoughts have no limit. If a woman is facing problems shedding those extra pounds then why not do something different with hairstyle? Especially with those thin hair. Here are some of the tips and suggestions with hairstyles for overweight women with thin hair.

Different hairstyles for different face cuts:

Mostly the overweight women only think about her body and not about their face and features, there are many different hairstyle a chubby women can adopt in order to look thinner than her actual body size. It’s not your body that speaks about your sleekness but a right kind of hair style can do that too. What more you want to wait for now. Know about your face type and adopt that perfectly matching hairstyle which also covers the thinness of your hair.

Best Hairstyles for Overweight Women with Thin Hair

Round faces – Round faces are the most common among overweight women which makes them look even heavier and so hiding those extra chubs on face become important. What if you are fat and have thin hair too. Naturally the volume of your hair is not sufficient to support any hairstyle. Therefore, choosing a right one matters! Layered long hair looks gorgeous on round faces. Also the layers on thin hair give a bouncing effect which makes them look thicker than the actual volume. In addition to it, hair locks falling on your cheeks hides the fluffiness and your other facial features are highlighted which makes you look thinner on a first look.

Square faces – Square faces have the stronger jaw line but the chubby square faces have extra skin and fat along with that stronger jaw line which makes you look unattractive. Overweight women with square face needs to intelligently choose a hairstyle for her because you may have to pay in terms of looks if you make a wrong selection. Shoulder length hair cut with straitening looks better on square chubby faces. Also this hair style allows you to maintain the thickness of your hair.

Oval faces – It’s the best kind of face cut. Almost each hairstyle suits on oval faces. Avoiding puffs is one thing that the oval face women need to take care about especially if she is overweight and have thin hair. Rest all hair styles ranging from short length to extra long hair would suit this type of face cut. You also don’t have to worry about your thin hair because both thin and thick hair locks play well with the oval faces, no matter if you are a chub or not!

Long faces – Overweight women with long faces have an advantage as they can already flaunt their cheek bones, so if the body does not appear to be curvy. There are already those cheek bones that come out as dimples on your face, to add to that, take a hairstyle which has minor curls and that should not exceed the neckline. This will help you in looking even more beautiful and young with that bouncy hairstyle that also hides the thinness of your hair.