Hairstyles for Women Over 50 with Fat Faces

Hairstyles for Women Over 50 with Fat FacesFat or chubbiness on the face is something that a woman hates or detest the most, we all do so much from exercising, dieting and countless weight loss strategies to get the slimming look however there are so many times when we fail to achieve what we want. Here through this article you can get some ideas on hairstyles for women over 50 with fat faces. One magic that works for women with fat faces is that they can try with some great hairstyles which will help them get a leaner look from starting from the face to toe.

Best Hairstyles for women with fat faces

Style 1: Hair parting

If you usually have middle parting this will give your face a heavier look and that too around the cheek area, you can try out by giving different hair partings styles, these partings can be side, asymmetrical or zigzag. Also these parting styles can take off the focus from your fat cheek areas and will bring more attention to your forehead.

Style 2: Curly or Wavy hair

If you are women with fat face then keeping straight hair is not advisable especially if you want to hide the chubbiness and roundness of the cheeks. You should always create a curve around your eyes and cheeks, as most of the people have a tendency to look more on your eyes and nose, so if you soften up this part of the face you will get a more appealing and attractive look to your face while taking off the attention from your eyes and the heavy cheeks.

Style 3: Side Swept Bangs

If you have big cheeks and want to hide them, do you know that when you trim the hair to create bangs this will help you hide the heaviness of the cheeks. Well this might sound great however you need to think before you jump on to the conclusion. This will not help you enhance your look, take advice from your hair stylist before getting the hairdo; however this will bring more attention towards your eyes rather on your chubby cheeks. To give dimension to your face remember that you do not get too heavy bangs but light wispy bangs.

Style 4: Layers

To give an illusion of a sleek face you can layer your hair with highlights, sleek and straight hair is often considered as disaster for women with chubby faces. Highlighting your hair will give depth and dimension to your hair while on the other hand layers will add volume. If you add side swept bangs it will bring more attention to your eyes rather the whole face.

Style 5: Short Hair

One good option for women with fat faces is keeping short hair, if you are assuming keeping short hair will give you a more chubby face then it is completely wrong, there might be some errors while you try on short haircut however once you know the perfect length of your face this will work wonders for you. The best option for chubby faces is to keep shoulder length bob hairstyle which ends just below the chin.