Hairstyles for Women Over 50 with Oblong Face

hairstyles for Women Over 50 with Oblong FaceIf the face is much longer comparing to the width of your face that’s where you have an oblong face, the perfect hairstyle for women over 50 with oblong face can simply be something that does not drag down the face yet something that gives width. So now that you belong to the club of oblong faces and you are looking for hairstyles for women over 50 with oblong face then you can find some help through this article. Though there is guarantee that the hairstyles will definitely do wonders for you however they can still work well depending on how confident you are on wearing them.
There are many hairstyles that you can opt if you have an oblong face, a few examples are side swept bangs, blunt bangs, casual short hair, formal long and wavy and formal medium straight, however lets discuss a few of them before we jump to any conclusion.

Styles that work best for women over 50 with oblong face

Side Swept bangs

If you have an oblong face then your forehead will also have a big forehead, so in order to hide the big forehead side swept bangs will be your best friend. The bangs can take a year off from your age as the main factor is to make the face shape a bit more oval rather than longer, though the side swept bangs work well with every type of face however it best suits women with long or oblong faces. The texture of hair is a key for bangs so if you have curly hair then it’s not a good option as bangs ask for regular maintenance.

Bangs with Blunt Cut

Blunt bangs work best for women with oblong faces at it will help you cut down the issues of length and width of the face, if you keep blunt bangs that go across your forehead and run longer than your eyebrows will be a good option for oblong faces as this will cover up the broadness of your forehead. This will also eliminate the length of your face so that it brings up a balance in the length and width of your oblong face.

Casual Shorts

Talking about casual short hairstyling in this cool hairdo the hair is tapered into the head and parted from one of the extreme sides allowing the top to fall into a fabulous finish, the short and sassy hairdo gives a framing to the face and these should be trimmed every 4 to 6 weeks to maintain the shape.

Long and Wavy Formal hairstyle

The luscious locks are added with gorgeous waves from the mid lengths to the ends which also add movement and bounce to suit its best to frame oblong faces. With help of a large curling rollers or curling irons you can recreate the waves very easily.

Formal and medium straight hairstyle

The natural straight dark hair is blow waved with subtle layers that are cut into the front and the sides, these heavy cut bangs are to be worn downwards so that it frames the top of the face. This is a shoulder length hairstyle which suits oblong faces and on women who have naturally straight hair.