Hairstyles for Women Over 60 with Fine Thin Hair

Hairstyles for Women Over 60 with Fine Thin HairBefore we go deep into the topic on what hairstyles you should go with if you have fine thin hair you should know that doctors do not stop you from coloring your hair and also they do not resist you on heating to style them, what they will suggest you is to be strategic about chemical processing and styling. It becomes difficult to look for hairstyles for women over 60 with fine thin hair however it is not something that is impossible to achieve.

4 best hairstyles to flatter fine thin hair

Go short with classic bob

This is a chic blunt haircut that allows hair to fall up to chin length. This type of haircut is a wonderful option for hair that has over all thinning. To give a fuller look to your hair, adding a side swept ban is what makes this hairstyle look even better on the faces with thin hair. Also this one can be cheaply maintained. An advice is to use a styling lotion for fuller look. This is a versatile cut that can be experimented if you have thinner hair. Few celebrities who have been flattering this bob cut are Ellen Barkin, Kim Cattrall, Anna Wintour and Christine Baranski.

Short and choppy bob

Short and chooby bob includes cutting down your hair to irregular growth and leaving pretty flattering layers for s full and thick look for your hair. This shaggy appearance makes your hair appear like heavy and thicker with a win win  hair texture. This cut is especially for women who want to hide the hair thinning when they go about crowning or ties a knot at the back. Few celebs who can inspire you to adopt this cut are Meg Ryan, Helen Mirren , Glenn Close and Diane Sawyer.

Mid-length shoulder grazing cut

This involves long layers around your face and is a pretty short hair cut, the length of the hair can be long or short enough according to the thinness of your hair.However it can give a feel of long hair, in order to let the hair move freely you should ask your stylist to remove all the weight from tips. Few inspirations to name are Suzanne Somers, Sharon Stone, Jaclyn Smith and Susan Sarandon.

Short layered cropping with bangs

If you have an eye catching neck with a crisp jawline and the thinning of the hair is mostly at the front hairline then a short layered crop with bangs is the cut you should go with. This cut is gamine and still looks sophisticated on the other hand can also look sexy. Few celebrities who are not shy to flaunt this cut are Annette Bening, Judy Dench, Shirley MacLaine.

A few styling techniques for fine thin hair

•    You need to quickly rough dry your hair with blow dryer on high heat, set your hair with your hands and fingers, do not use any brushes.
•    You need get rid of 80% of your wet hair before you apply any hair products.
•    Don’t worry about the perfection or the frizz just get them dry or close to dried.
•    Spray in some styling lotion to build the body and volume of the hair.
•    When your hair is completely dry very lightly run a flattening iron or a barrel iron from the mid hair to the ends.