Homemade Glycolic Acid Peel

Homemade Glycolic Acid PeelGlycolic acid is one of the most effective and harmless exfoliant which is able to help you get a glowing skin by removing those extra layers which are keeping you away from shining in your real glamour. The glycolic acid is derived naturally from sugar cane and hence is known as its natural derivative. It is the member of alpha hydroxyl family or AHA. The professionals call it as the safest exfoliating agent which can heal prolonged marks, scars or lines on your skin.

This acid is also used for the treatment of acne as it has the ability to cleanse the pores in superficially active manner. Although a lot of brands sell glycolic acid under their name but one best way to rely is the homemade preparation of your own glycolic acid peel which is untouched by additives.

Now there must be a question rising in your mind about the homemade preparation or how you can actually do that in a go! So we have a confirming answer to help you know that this is possible. You can easily prepare your own homemade glycolic acid peel with the help of sugarcane and other kitchen ingredients available at home and this will be a rather cost effective method. We will go step by step to help you with the glycolic acid peel preparation and its applications.

Some Quick Elements that You will Need

  • Lemon juice
  • Small bowl
  • Face Moisturizer
  • Spoon for mixing
  • One-fourth cup of white cane sugar

Easy Three Steps Preparation: How to go about?

Step 1

Crush cane sugar in a mixer jar up to a powdery level which is not too smooth to touch. It should have a sandy feel. Pour that powdery stuff in a bowl and stir together so a fair proportion is maintained between the smooth and rough cane sugar granules.

Step 2

In that mixture, add lemon juice and make a paste out of the mix. Mix it well enough to form a smooth paste which can be applied on skin with ease. Make sure that it’s neither too liquid nor too solidified. Keep it somewhere in the middle and make a semi-liquid paste out of the mixture of lemon juice and the cane sugar.

Step 3

Once the paste is formed, add a little amount of your facial moisturizer to protect your skin from the dryness that glycolic acid produces and here is the ever dreamt glycolic acid peel which is ready for application.


It may seem like the application is as easy as its preparation and needs not to be illustrated but to be able to make you understand the right application and usage is our duty and responsibility. Therefore, the application of glycolic acid involves spreading the paste evenly all over your face and neck using your finger tips in circular motion. Do not leave this peel for more than ten minutes on your skin as it may make it dry when left for longer durations.

Expert Tips

  • You can use the homemade glycolic acid peel on a regular basis for uncovering clear, glowing skin and a beautiful you!