Hot and Sexy Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces

If you have been a cute girl with chubby cheeks, round and soft and everybody just likes to pinch them all the time that’s where you have a round face. Round face inherently gives you a youthful look you might consider it as a natural gift for yourself as this youthful look will not fade away even as you grow older. Talking about hot and sexy medium hairstyles for round faces here you can find few trendy hairdo’s to lift up your beauty and personality no matter what age you are in. If you are the one who is shy enough to hide your round face then there are a few medium length hairstyles you can opt.

Hot and Sexy Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces

Sexy medium length hairstyles for round faces

Medium sleek look

One of the best and most desirable hairstyle to pick for round faces is the medium sleek look; such hairstyle can give a framing look to your round face which adds a more volume to your cheeks. It will be an ideal choice since round face does not have much length and dimension, wearing this medium length sleek and straight look can play a trick for you as it creates an illusion of length and definition. This hairstyle can add volume at the crown and as it has the tendency to move so just teasing and shaping them prove a great hairdo for round faces.

Medium length with Layers

No mater you have straight or curly hair if you are deciding to go for layering then make sure that layers end up slightly on the top of chin line as if it does not then instead of giving an elongating effect it will draw more attention to the roundness of your face. The hair should fall just below the shoulder and medium length layers will give an oval shape to your face helping in decreasing the width.

Middle parting

If you consult with few hairstylists they will agree that giving a middle parting to your hair will make your face appear longer and much slimmer. So this is one of the important factors to keep in mind if you are looking for hairstyle with middle parting. Also this is a hairstyle which is effortless and easy to carry on round faces.

Wavy mid length hair

As the objective is to hide the roundness of the face so as mentioned above you can try middle parting so just crunch them up once you are done with washing them another substitute is to blow dry them or get real big Velcro curlers overnight to add the lustrous waves. The hair should not be cut in layers instead cut them in plain length perhaps 2 to 3 inches below the jaw line.

Few Things to keep in mind to get longer face

• Never tie your hair too tightly in a pony tail as this will just give a heavier look.
• Never go for chin length haircuts with round edges.
• Always try to add some height to your hairstyle
• Choose hairstyles that make your face longer and less rounder as this can highlight your best features.