How Do I Use Mango as an Ointment

How Do I Use Mango as an OintmentMankind is blessed! It indeed is! We have been provided with a lot of natural elements which can help protect our lives in a lot more systematic way than we could ever imagine. All we are or we have had been is a gift of nature. We derive almost every single thing from nature especially our food and medicine, the two most essential elements to keep the living species going on or alive. There are a lot of natural remedies which we can apply to heal ourselves with sound knowledge about the things we eat or use. One good food or fruit is mangos which we take for granted and use only to relish our taste buds. Have you ever thought that we can also use this fruit for some self help considering it has a lot of benefits to offer?

Nevertheless, it’s never too late to know about good things. We can use this fruit for protecting our beautiful skins from the most dangerous UV or the ultraviolet radiations. Mango butter ointment is one such thing which can help do this in the most effective and stable way than our so called sun-block creams or lotions. But how do we get this thing termed as “mango butter ointment”? You may have heard a lot about the mango eating benefits but this could have amazed you and you must be thinking that how do I use mango as an ointment when I don’t know where to get this so called mango butter from!

This is simple! Mango butter is easily available under different brand names and can be obtained from any retailer. We will guide you about how to prepare this extra rich and effective mango ointment at your home desk and use it the way you have never thought of before. Let’s get started now…

Basic Ingredients to prepare mango butter

  • 1 ½ oz of mango butter
  • ½ oz of essential oil
  • 1 ½ oz of beeswax pellets
  • 4 oz of olive oil
  • Lavender oil for fragrance
  • Utensils like: a glass measuring cup, a frying pan, tin, transparent glass jar, spoon

Preparation of Mango Ointment

Keep the frying pan at low flame and melt the mango butter in it, add few drops of essential oil. Add beeswax pellets. Now bring the pan off from flame and pour the butter and oil mixture in the measuring cup. Stir the mixture, do not let it harden. If it does, keep it on flame and stir well. Add some lavender oil for fragrance and pour the mixture in the tin for storage. Let it cool down at normal temperature and seal pack the tin. Once done, you are ready with your mango ointment which you can use anytime and anywhere when you want to protect yourself against the sun and UV rays.

Expert Tips

  • This mango ointment is homemade and has no preservatives, thus it will not be effective for too long or can be stored for longer periods. Avoid doing this!
  • Storage container should be away from sun or heat which can ruin its effectiveness.
  • Do not let it come in close contact with water. Water can be harmful for the health of this ointment and your skin thereafter, if applied.