How To Apply Cat Eye Makeup

How To Apply Cat Eye MakeupWant to flaunt with your eyes? Wearing cat eye makeup can make heads turn for you whether you walk down the aisle or have a plain casual hang out. Knowing how to apply cat eye makeup is the first and foremost essential thing that you should know if you really want your eyes to look amazingly attractive. With some expert tips you can learn to apply the cat eye makeup for yourself instead of depending on some experienced makeup artist.

Cat eye makeup is in fashion since long time and it has captured a lot more attention in young teen girls. It looks good on almost all face types and eye colors. Giving eyes a perfect catty and smoking look is each fashionable girl’s passion but you need to understand the right place and time for applying cat eye makeup. Off course it looks good most of the time but that doesn’t mean it will look equally good with any type of face makeup. You should know how much face make up will complement your eye make up to give a perfect cat-eye look.

How to Apply Cat Eye Make Up


As you go about the cat – eye look

Use eye liners instead of brushes and make sure the edges of your eyes are well played. Whatever the material you are applying, it should be smudge proof because it is crucial for cat eye make up to remain intact. A little deviation from perfection may lead to an ugly looking you as the cat eye makeup involves good use of mascara, eye liners and eye pencils which may spread all over your eyes area if the makeup is not smudge proof and you will end up looking funny and uglier.

Cat eye basics

To give a perfect look, make use of black and brown eye liner on the upper lash which ends in an upward flick. Make it appear like an extended eye lash. If you want, apply a thin line indie the eye but make sure it doesn’t diminish the effect of cat eye look.

For the night parties

While preparing for a night party, make sure your cat eye makeup stays perfect. You can take the advantage of night lights at the party and can apply more of brown mascara paired with silver or black eye liners on the upper and lower lashes. This will make your eyes look bigger and bold like a cat.

To make your lashes appear bigger

Cat eye makeup doesn’t look good if your eye lashes don’t look larger. Apply mascara deeply or use some external lashes which can complement your cat eye makeup. Or you can also try to apply the triangle look. For this start at the outer corner, draw a line using any dark brown or black eye pencil. Make sure this line follows the angle of your lower lash and makes it look like an extension rather than an intentionally posed eye line. Apply this on both eyes and strictly watch that it is done equally for each eye, so both of your eyes look equally broader and big.