How to Apply Crepe Hair

How to Apply Crepe HairCrepe hair is a type of false hair that is applied to the skin to create a different look for an actor. Before you apply crepe hair you want to do the actor’s makeup and then proceed with the hair application. Apply a liquid adhesive such as spirit gum to the parts of the body so that the hair can stick to the skin. But before applying the crepe hairs you need to cut them in the lengths you need to avoid having excess hair around the actor’s skin. You would put some of the adhesive on the skin then put the hair on the skin.

Trim Hair on Skin After Applying It

When you apply the hair, you want to trim various parts of the hair so that the overall look will be neat. For example, if the beard only needs to be five inches and you put six inches of crepe hair under the chin, trim the extra inch off. Or if the actor’s legs have too much crepe hair, you can gently take some of it off with spirit gum remover.

Iron Your Crepe Hair on Flat Surface Before Applying

If the crepe hair you bought is coarse or wavy but you want it to be straight for applying to the actor’s skin, iron the crepe hair on a flat surface so that the hair will look smooth. The iron should be set a medium high heat but you want to be careful while ironing the hair to avoid burning it.

Applying Crepe Hair To Dolls

Here is how you apply crepe hair to dolls. The first step is to measure the dolls and then measure the dolls’ heads so that you will know how much hair to put on the dolls’ heads. After you do this you would stretch a stocking over the doll’s head and then you would draw a hairline over the head. Once this step is complete you would create a cap and place this over the doll’s head and then cut the crepe hair in pieces. Finally, glue the crepe hair on the doll’s hair.


Tips on Using Stage Makeup With Crepe Hair

Since the makeup has to be applied before putting on the crepe hair, here are tips on applying the makeup. You want to create a contrast between the actor’s facial makeup and the lights and shadows that are part of the theater set. You should also take a sponge and put some makeup against the skin in such a way that a solid texture is created on the skin.

Matching Crepe Hair With Eye Color and Skin Hair

Another thing you want to do is make sure that the crepe hair matches the actor’s eye color and skin tone for a more uniform look to it. For example, if the actor is olive skinned, it is best to apply dark brown or black hair to the top of his head. If the actor is fair skinned, just about any crepe hair color would work.

Crepe hair is a standard tool among stage producers and this hair is often used to transform actors into interesting characters without requiring a lot of effort. You can purchase crepe hair at costume suppy stores and even some party supply stores at decent prices. If you have leftover crepe hair that was used on other actors, you can reuse those on others but clean the hair pieces first. Most importantly, have fun while applying the crepe hair and don’t be afraid to experiment with creative styles for the actors.