How To Apply Foundation For A Flawless Look

How To Apply Foundation For A Flawless LookGetting yourself the natural and flawless look by applying foundation is not that hard to achieve. The first thing is to find the right color and perfect it with the right application process. You will be on your way to look beautiful once you know how to apply foundation for a flawless look and this process just needs some practice. Just like a painter requires a clean and smooth canvas similarly a makeup artist needs to clean and smooth the skin. If you skip this then the makeup can look cakey and uneven.

Steps to apply foundation for flawless look

Start with a mild facial cleanser

To achieve a smooth and clean skin you should start with a mild facial cleanser. If you find that the skin is rough and dry and to remove the dead skin cells use a gentle exfoliant to smooth the skin. It is important that you do not over exfoliate as it can leave the skin red and raw. To further smoothen the skin go ahead and apply a moisturizer.

Choose the right shade

Choosing the right shade of foundation is important. If you want to get the flawless look then it should match your skin tone or the skin type. The motive for the foundation application is to neutralize imbalance and discoloration and that does not change the skin tone.

Test the Shade

You can test the shade by applying a small amount either on your chin, jaw area or the forehead. To check whether the shade is right you should blend the foundation with your skin. If the foundation seems to be a bit dark then go with a lighter one and if it seems to be a bit lighter then go with a next darker shade.

Applying the foundation

Dabbing a small amount of foundation apply it on the face. You should apply the foundation by taking small dots, start with the forehead, your nose, chin and cheeks. Always blend the foundation with a sponge, your fingers or with a brush. To create a flawless and a natural look make sure that you blend it completely. Look at the foundation in natural sunlight and make sure that it is blended completely.

Use Concealer

To hide blemishes, areas of redness and under eye circles concealers are a perfect option. Choose a concealer that best fits your skin color and the foundation or a one shade that is lighter. Never choose a concealer that is too darker or too light as it will make it very obvious the areas you are trying to hide. To neutralize the redness choose a green tinted concealer since red and green best compliment each other.

Use powder

For a long lasting wear of the foundation and concealer always apply powder. The foundation and the concealer do not rub off easily with help of the powder. You should dust the translucent or the powder that matches with the skin with help of a kabuki brush. The setting powders are the one that appear pure white in color.