How To Apply Scene Eye Makeup

How To Apply Scene Eye MakeupSo you want to look like a trendy scene girl but you are not sure how you should apply scene makeup. Here are some tips on how you can do it. One thing you need to purchase is black or a dark colored eyeliner because this is the basis of scene eye makeup. Be sure not to put too much of the black eyeliner on because you do not want to look too creepy with your eyes. Once you apply the black eyeliner you should apply a bold colored eyeshadow to your eyelids and choose the eyeshadow that complements your eye and skin color. Those with cool skin tones can sport eyeshadow colors such as teal, violet, copper or blue. A dark colored mascara and some fake eyelashes are also good ideas for wearing scene eye makeup.

Primer on Eyelids

When putting scene makeup on the eyes, you should apply primer on the eyelids before putting on the makeup because it ensures that your eye makeup stays on for hours, and the primer allows your makeup to have a smooth look without the smudges. You want to moisturize your eyelids before applying the primer and scene eye makeup.

Combine Light and Dark Colors

If you are learning how to apply scene eye makeup, you want to combine light and dark colors when using eyeshadow because this gives your eyes a sexier and edgy look. Some good eyeshadow color combinations for scene eye makeup are teal/black, violet/silver, green/dark brown and gold/beige.

Applying Scene Eye Makeup for Hazel or Brown Eyes

If you want to apply scene eye makeup and you have hazel or brown eyes, black or navy eyeliner can be applied near the eyelids and slightly on the eyelashes for a bold look. For your eye shadow colors, you can sport colors such as purple, blue and green for a dramatic look to the eyes.

Use Concealer for Hiding Flaws

If you have puffiness or dark circles under the eyes, you should apply concealer and a little foundation under the eyes so that the attention will not be on the flaws but more on how the scene eye makeup looks on you. The concealer you use should be yellowish in tone and not very dark since this will not blend well in the skin.

Mascara and Glitter

If you want to add extra flair to your scene eye makeup, apply black mascara and then put on a little glitter at the end of your eyelashes. Some good glitter colors include red, metallic gold, blue, purple, silver or green. If you’re wearing a costume the glitter brings out the colors and designs in the costume.

Hot Pink Eye Makeup

Hot pink makeup was popular in the 1980s and you can relive this decade by wearing hot pink scene eye makeup. Start by applying primer across the eyelids then you want to apply a dark eyeliner. After you take this step you would put on hot pink eyeshadow and then top it off with pink or purple glitter and some mascara.

The scene look has been popular for a few years now and it looks like this trend will be around for a while longer. Do not be afraid to experiment with different types of scene eye makeup styles but make sure your makeup complements, not clashes with your outfit and eye color. When you are out and about, touch up your eye makeup periodically to ensure that it looks good on you for hours. Finally, have fun while wearing the makeup.