How To Ask Your Girlfriend’s Father For Her Hand In Marriage

How To Ask Your Girlfriend's Father For Her Hand In MarriageSo you are thinking to bring your relationship to the next level and now you have decided to spend the rest of your life with the women you love. Now you might be feeling that this is the right time to ask her father for her hand in marriage. Though this tradition of asking the hand of your loved one from the father has been fading away from the western culture however there are still some men who like to follow this tradition. That you are thinking on how to ask your girlfriend’s father for her hand in marriage then below are some helpful ways.

Ways to ask girl’s father for her hand in marriage


Talk to girlfriend first

Before you think of talking man to man to your girlfriend’s father it is advisable that you talk to your girlfriend first. It is best to make sure that both of you are on the same page. It is better to know whether she is ready to get married or get committed. Ask her if she is ready then and if yes then how soon she will like to get married. What if you ask her father for her daughter’s hand in marriage and later she dumps you.

Prior meetings with father

It is a good idea that you should meet the father a few times before you ask him for her daughter’s had in marriage. It is advisable to make prior visits this way you can get to know about her father and his thoughts. This way it will be easier to build the relationship and the thinking between you two.

Sit man to man

There are many ways you can go about it. It is best to know about what kind of a man your girlfriend’s father is. Try and take him out for a family dinner, may be take him to a bar or a café. You can also make a few conversations over the phone or ask him for a trip if he does not stay with the daughter. Don’t make things too obvious for him and try to gain his trust and make some kind of an impression on him.

Express your feelings

Though you might hesitate at first however it is good to express your feelings for his daughter, let him know how much you admire and love his daughter. Let him know how much she means to you. Tell him about his qualities and how gratefully he has raised his daughter. Mention him about more good qualities of him to make an impression and at the same time you are also giving him a compliment.

Gain his trust

Try and gain his trust by letting him know how much love and respect you can give to his daughter. Assure the father how much happy you will keep his daughter. Make him understand the seriousness of your commitment and that you will be the happiest man once you get married to her, promise him that you will take care of her daughter for the rest of your life.