How To Cancel A Date At The Last Minute

How To Cancel A Date At The Last MinuteDue to some reason you have decided to cancel the date and that too at the last minute or something has got into life. Now you are not sure what kind of an excuse you should give to your partner. So if your are not sure on how to cancel a date at the last minute then you will find a bit of help by reading below. These tips will help you if you want to date again and secondly if you do not want to date again.

Instructions: If you wish to date again

Call as soon as possible

It will not be easy to be forgiven if your date has already arrived and has been waiting for you so you need to make sure that you call him/her as soon as possible.

Blame it on unexpected circumstances  

If you want cancel the date then you should blame it on some outside circumstances something like you have an urgent meeting, you forgot to complete an important assignment or a deadline. Show that you really wanted to but….

Tell the truth

Tell the truth that you are not feeling well; you’re tired you’ve had a rotten day; tell that you want to take some rest rather than ruining the date by not having fun.

Create an excuse

Create some kind of an excuse like you forgot you had to help your grandma to move the furniture; you forgot that you promised your friends for dinner or something like you forgot where you kept the keys and can’t move out until you find them.

Look for an alternative date

You can leave the conversation open for another invitation or may be suggest for an alternative date. Offer to make it for her and send her a bouquet of flowers or a sorry gift card.

Stay where you are

If you are sure that your date might call to check on you or even visit then stay where you are as it may create suspicion on his/her mind. Thank the partner for being thoughtful.

Instructions: If you do not wish to date again

Blame it on an outside circumstance

Once again blaming it on an outside circumstance is a good option, you are busy at work and you don’t have time for dating. You are tired and don’t have the energy.

Call Immediately

If you realize that you wish to cancel the date then you should call up as soon as possible. It is easier to cancel the date over the phone rather in person.

Tell the truth

Be confident and tell the truth that you are not interested and you have a thing in your mind for some other person and that he or she is not the one for you.

Tell a white lie

Another way is to tell a white lie that you’re seeing someone else and that you are not interested in dating anyone at this time.

Stay on the phone only long enough

You need to deliver the message so stay over the phone for only long enough, be sure that he/she gets a feeling that you are interested.