How To Cover A Birthmark With Makeup

How To Cover A Birthmark With MakeupBirthmarks can be disturbing sometimes. A lot of people find it difficult to hide birthmarks even after going through several treatments. It is surprising to know that even men equally feel worried about the birthmarks which rests on their face while there is no doubt that girls are always found complaining about their birthmarks.

Intelligent application of make you can be one effective solution while you are trying to hide those ill looking birthmarks either on your face or all over your body.  This requires tricky make you. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to cover a birthmark with makeup.

Start with a foundation

Make sure to use one best quality foundation which is just one shade light from your skin color so it can create a perfect toning. Stick foundation is a better choice over normal foundations. As you start applying foundation as make u base, don’t forget your birthmark and try to focus the affected area with the comparatively more amount of foundation base but blend it well with the rest of the skin so it can create a balance with the birthmark-affected skin. A sponge is most referred than a brush when your focus is to cover the birthmark.

Apply concealer for finishing

For touching up your foundation covered birthmark, use a high coverage concealer, preferably a cake concealer which is highly recommended for covering birthmarks. Cake concealers provide stable concealing effect and you can be rest assured about your make up and birthmark invisibility. It is recommended that you choose a shade which matches well with your skin.

Application with pointed brush is recommended for smaller birthmarks while a sponge is suggested for larger birthmarks. As you apply the concealer, make sure it is applied in thin layers. Thick layer coated results in over application and it doesn’t even look good and makes your look even more worse by highlighting the over coated birthmark with layers of concealer. Once you achieve the desired coverage, blend the concealer with foundation so a seamless look can be attained and your birthmark can be covered in an intelligent manner.

Powder Application

Powder application is necessary to avoid the creaminess of concealer and foundation. It allows the base to stay for long hours. Same as the choice of concealer and foundation, it is important to choose a face powder which can blend well with your skin tone keeping the two base(s) in mind. A matte pressed powder is recommended for long hours coverage. This can even stay for more than eight hours. You can apply this as much or as less as you may want according to your requirement.

These three (foundation, concealer and powder) together are enough to cover your birthmark. If it’s about your face, a little make up over the base can act as cherry on the cake else it is one good solution for covering birthmark on rest of the open/visible parts of your skin.

People with birthmarks would not have to worry about their looks if they follow the above suggested methods.