How to Cut Sister Locks

How to Cut Sister LocksHaving done with beautiful sister locks is a great idea to get a makeover in your look. By getting different and stunning style every time you can adopt new look. Along with that it also has several benefits of this specific hairstyle. As it is told you can make experiments with your sister locks then for that you have to adopt styles and sometimes you need to make them cut in your desired style. So, following given are techniques which would how to cut sister locks because making that greatly one can result in wonderful changes in your appearance.

Step by Step Guide on How to Cut Sister Locks

Things required- To do your task done perfectly you should need things like hair clips, mirror and obviously scissors.

Start the Process

Step 1- Take a natural shampoo and then take small amount of that at your scalp. Rub it and then thoroughly washout the shampoo from them. Then you have to condition them for make it more moisturized. After that there is a need to press the locks between your palms so that you can keep out the excess water from hair.

Step 2- Before giving start to the whole process you have to should decide what should be your hair length for your hair after making the cutting process done. So, one thing that you would need is not scissors but a mirror where you can see which length would prove great for you. It is time for making decisions. You are suggested to cut down hair lesser if doing the task either first time or not sure whether the hair length would look great over for you. The reason for same is that if you think after cutting done that you want little shorter than can cut hair but if it would cut extra length then attaching them again is not possible.

Step 3– Now, time is to make hair divisions in small sections. Here you would require to make use of so many hair clips so that they can easily carry the sister locks which are not there to been cut. Starts that process from extremity of hair and slowly you can go up diagonally the head.

Step 4- Time to go for first cut and for that you need to do the task with care and hold a lock and give that a trim. You can make that cut in desired length you want.

Step 5- You need to start the cutting of locks done from bottom to upside at your head. When you have done with one section then clip the locks to other sections and do the work of making trimming as you like to make. Slow and steady you can do the task till you are finished.

Step 6- Your task is now to create new and wonderful hair style with this beautiful and newly cut sister locks. Then you need to spray essential oil at the sister locks and that would help to care them and maintain the whole look for long.