How To Cut Your Hair In Layers At Home

How To Cut Your Hair In Layers At HomeGirls are super crazy and a real fashion freak! They just want to look as different as other girls in the group that they don’t even hesitate in trying some DIY haircuts at home. We applaud the girl’s love for fashion and beauty. With the time and chance to have exchanged few words with some fashion lover girls, I got to know about how to cut your hair in layers at home and this was quite surprising for me. More I listened to those pretty ladies, more I became interested in understanding the criticalities of cutting your hair in layers at home. This article entails the similar story or better said a DIY hair cut which is easy and adorable for women of all ages.

Steps for Cutting Your Hair in Layers At Home

Step 1: Hair wash and conditioning

Washing your hair and applying conditioner is must when you are cutting them at home. Hairstylists have different applicators to smoothen your hair before hair cut even if they are not washed. At home you don’t have such alternatives and so you will need to rely on this good old method.

Step 2: Tie a front pony tail

Bring all of your wet hair in front towards the forehead and tie in a pony tail with the help of a pony tail holder. Comb off your hair properly and evenly.

Step 3: Divide the pony tail

Now divide your pony tail in three smaller pony tails one above the other with the help of supporting clips or smaller pony tail holders. You can also use hair tie up bands. All you need to do is make short hair segments out of one pony tail but make sure these are positioned one above the other for even edges.

Step 4: Scissor Time

Now comes the scissor time! This is crucial and most important. You need be careful. A mere wrong cut would lead to a scary you! Therefore, decide which end of your pony tails would be the longest. Mostly the top most pony tail hair would be left as the lengthiest tips. Now, place the scissor vertically upward holding all your hair in one hand and scissor in another. Gently cut your hair upwards. Keep bringing scissor diagonally upward towards the last section of your pony tail. This position makes sure that your hairs are being cut evenly and that you will have layers falling as shorter one first and longer one after the shorter ones. In case you don’t want to have even layers, you can experiment cutting down each of the pony tail section differently either downwards, upwards or diagonally.

Step 5: Remove the pony tail holders and voila!

Once you are done, remove those ponytail holders and you have the cheapest layer cut ever on the earth! Try this DIY cut and get appreciation from your friends.

Important tips: Make sure to try this DIY hair cut only if you understand the instructions well enough for trying at home otherwise it can be a total disaster.