How To Dress For A Pear Shaped Body

How To Dress For A Pear Shaped BodyMost women confuse with their body shape and do a lot of wardrobe mistakes which tends to an unattractive clothing showcase. To be in the right outfit needs your little work and eye on details of clothing for different body shapes. Here we will discuss about which clothing is best for those peer shaped ladies who fails to recognize their body shape many times. Let’s gain some insight about how to dress for a pear shaped body determining your correct figure first.

How to Recognise a Peer Shape in You

Any women who exhibits narrow shoulders, a perfect waist line, a wider bottom than your busts is peer shaped. Peer shape bodies have narrow upper area and broader hips accompanied with heavy thighs leading to overall heaviness of your bottom half and too obvious narrow upper half.
Therefore, it is must to create body balance for a peer shaped woman with appropriate clothing. A right mix of clothing can accentuate your best body features by creating a perfect balance between the two halves and making you look as owner of perfect figure. Here are few tips on how to dress for a pear shaped body. Let’s ease your body shape blues for peer shape figure.

Dress Choice for a Peer Shaped Body

Wrap Around Skirts

This is one best choice for peer shaped body because for skimming effect, you will need something which can show you thinner at the bottom half. This is where wrap around skirts works best. Teaming up these skirts with some puff shoulder tops adds a whimsical effect.

A-Liner Dresses

Be it a full length tunic, gown or any short one piece, draping yourself in A-liner dresses is one good thing that you can do for your body shape making it look little less at the bottom.

Dresses with Frill or laces on Shoulders and Bust line

Frills or laces on shoulder and bust line gives a fuller effect to the narrow top half of your body. When you chose a dress like this, make sure it also has a contrasting belt which can accentuate your waistline and can add a visual effect to your balanced clothing experiment.

Floral Prints for Top Half and Plain Dark Colors for Bottom Half

Floral prints on one hand would give a broader look to your top half while the plain dark colors at the bottom would make it look a little thinner and two would create a commending balance complementing each other. Do not forget to experiment this with your peer shaped body.

Body Balance Clothing for Lower Half

If you are a little chubbier than expected on your lower half and are worried about the bumps and lumps, then a body balance clothing is one genuine advice. Wearing this would hide your extra mass and you would fearlessly be able to try any skin kiss clothing for the bottom half portion of your peer shaped body.
So that’s all about clothing choice, but you also have to keep in mind the importance of footwear. Research for some suitable footwear choices for a peer shaped body which can add elongating effect to your personality and begin your wardrobe experiment that also suits your body type. All the best!