How to Dress well if you are Overweight?

How to Dress well if you are OverweightIf you think gaining a little more weight than usual makes you ugly looking overweight women, then this is the right time to rethink and react to your natural body changes. Being overweight gets you few extra curves and curves are no curse! It is a blessing and men love them too. You never know how much your men can admire you for being more huggable, kissable and desirable then you were ever before.

If only you know how to flaunt your added pounds in the right dress, you can win over any man! The only condition is, you must know how to dress well if you are overweight!

Flaunt Those Extra Pounds, Dress Intelligently

Here’s some life saving tips for those pretty overweight rather curvaceous women who has the charisma to spellbound people with their graceful dressing sense:

Wear well fitted inner wear – Undergarments play a foundation role in enhancing your looks. You will end up as a turn off if these are flimsy and do not support you sufficiently.

• Get a bra that fits you well. It should lift your figure. Make sure it is comfortable. An uncomfortable bra would be a pain while a good one doesn’t give a toned shape but helps in avoiding backaches too.

• High waisted underwear is a right choice for supporting those bulging hips and thighs. Cotton made panty will be best for firm support.

Get the right mix of colors, cuts and patterns – Colors, cuts and patterns adds or subtracts charm in you. It is crucial for  overweight women make a right choice while choosing a dress.

• Choose dark colors. These will hide your bulging figure, and you will look slimmer than actual.

• Small patterns are best. You may have an affinity for large prints, but you have gained weight now, therefore sticking to small prints will be a right choice. Large prints will make you look bigger while small prints will hide those extra pounds in a graceful manner.

• Intelligent cuts. When you want to show some skin, use intelligently cut designs in dresses. For example,  your dress should not allow over exposure of your body while it should have some small cuts on the arms, thighs or backside where it does not make you look fattier.

Flatter your bottom half – If you are peer-shaped which means you have heavier hips and thighs than your upper body part then you must know how to flatter it better and how to dress well if you are overweight!

• Choose A-line skirts, gowns, frocks and tunics. These make you look slimmer than pencil-skirts which highlight your big butts in an odd manner. A-line is a perfect choice for you.

• Wear skinny or straight leg jeans but that should be dark color else you will end up looking broader than actual.

• Leggings can be a choice if only you know how to carry well. Wearing a short dress with leggings will ruin your looks while making a right selection will support your personality. So be careful when you plan to choose leggings.

Flatter your top half – If you are apple-shaped which means you are heavier around your stomach and shoulders then the following tips should help:

• Cover your stomach. A bulging tummy can be a turn off if you do not care about it. Wear full length cardigans or top for hiding it and maintain a graceful look.

• Focus on enhancing your bottom half by wearing tight fitted jeans and a flowing top.

• Avoid tight clothes for your top half.