How To End A Relationship With A Leo

How To End A Relationship With A LeoLeo is one of the signs who are very proud of themselves and they will never admit that they are wrong in any way. They will never beg to you that you should stay with them and can let you go very easily. Even if they might regret letting you go later on however they will not show you any signs of regret or weakness. If you are thinking on how to end a relationship with a Leo then you will have to do a bit of research and preparation.

Ways to end the relationship with a Leo

Look unattractive

One thing that Leo’s don’t like is that his/her partner should not look unattractive so start to look scruffy. If a Leo wants to have someone in their arms then it should be someone who is smart and attractive and also the one who likes to take care of him or herself. Don’t take a shower; don’t change your clothes and look unhygienic. Try to look like a bum and this is one way to end the relationship.

Become boring

Leo’s don’t like people who are boring and unusual as they are the one’s who like to be energetic and full of life. So start your daily routine looking like a dumb and a boring person. Leo’s like to do different kind of activities and love to meet new people. If you start to lose interest in any kind of activities they like they will start to lose interest in you and your relationship.

Become homely

Start to stay at home as frequent as you can and start eating a lot of junk food, Leo’s like to keep themselves as fit as possible as they like to pride themselves on their looks and appearance. It’s all about their sense of fashion, their hairstyle and most importantly their wealth. Start to be a lazy lad, start losing interest in their style statement eat all junk food you can in their presence. Try this and very soon they will show you the way to the door.

Prove them wrong                                                              

Leo’s are the ones who will never accept that they are wrong on anything as they think that they are perfectionists. Poke them that they are wrong on almost everything that they do or say. If they do something or say something they will even try to back up with some kind of evidence and will try to pull the mistakes that you have been making in the past. Try and irritate the Leo by telling them that they are wrong and very soon you will get adios from their side.

Act broke

Leo’s like to party and hang out a lot, they love dining out with nice meals and expensive champagnes’. They like to go for a long drive in an expensive car. They like to live in lavish houses and love to shop in expensive malls. This is where you can act like you are short on cash and cannot afford all these things, act like you can only afford a dinner in a near by restaurant. Soon you will see that they will distance themselves as soon as possible.