How To End A Relationship With A Virgo

How To End A Relationship With A VirgoIf you are thinking about ending a relationship with a Virgo then it’s not a very difficult task. Virgo’s are people that will not try to hurt you or even seek revenge even when the relationship has ended. This sun sign believe in people who are honest and they value openness. If you are honest in what you feel about them then they will not get hurt rather they will respect your feelings. So if you want to know how to end a relationship with a Virgo then below you can find few ways to work upon it.

Ways to end the relationship with a Virgo

Being honest

Being honest on what you think about the relationship is a good idea, this person will appreciate your honesty and thus it will be much easier to end the relationship. The best thing is to be straight forward and tell the Virgo that things are not working the way you want and you want this relation to end. The chances will be more towards a mutual break up as these people do not want any kind of drama to be created.

Make contradictory statements

If you make contradictory statement and tell a bit of a lie then this will be another way to end the relationship. Tell he /she that they have phenomenal traits and that you are an amazing person and you are not the one who can value as much as some other person can. Also tell that you are a person who has a totally different kind of values in your life and that they do not match with theirs. This will create a balance in the conversation and the relationship can end easily.

Act mysterious

Acting vague and mysterious is another good idea. If you start hiding things and act mysterious they will very soon start to lose interest in you and this will also bring some kind of suspicion in their mind. This can be the best way to end the relationship as most Virgos don’t like people who act strange and like to hide things from them.

Become boring

Most Virgos are talkative and they love to talk about anything like politics, news, world, travel or even tell stories. You should act rationally boring. Do not take much of interest on what they think and try to act dumb. They will not like on how you react and soon they might show you the way out of the door. Virgos like people who take interest on what they say or do and if you do not support on it then this can be the end of the relationship.

Be Demanding

Another way is to start demanding on a few things. An example is asking them to spend more and more time with you and less on work. Virgos like challenges and projects. They are the ones who value their work and career. If you will demand more attention on yourself and act needy all the time they will feel that this can be threatening and soon they will end the relation themselves.