How To Get Rid Of An Obsessive Ex Girlfriend

How To Get Rid Of An Obsessive Ex GirlfriendWhen either of the parties refuses to accept that the relationship is ended then this is called being obsessive. Your ex girlfriend will persists for weeks, months even a few years arguing, pleading, phoning and by emailing to bring the relationship back as it was before. Eventually the ex girlfriend’s behavior can turn to stalking and can even bring up some kind of violence. If you are thinking on how to get rid of an obsessive ex girlfriend then you should consider bringing up immediate steps to get rid of this difficult situation.

Ways to fend off an obsessive ex girlfriend

Be Blunt and straight forward

Being blunt and straight forward about the end of the relationship is a one of the best way. Be blunt and tell her that there is no negotiation and your rejection is the final verdict. Look straight into the eyes of your ex girlfriend and tell her that you need to be left alone. Inform your friends and family even to your common friends about the end of the relationship.

Neglect conversations

Try and neglect long conversations with her. Talk to the point and tell her about your plans for the present and your future make her understand that life does not end here and that the life moves on. Avoid her if she brings up any conversation like talking about the good times that you both have spent together in the past. Tell her that this is last conversation between you too and that you would like to be left alone.

Return the Gifts    

In every relationship there is no way that gifts are not exchanged. Immediately go ahead and return all the gifts or belongings to her. Try and return all the gifts that you have in just one shipment to let her know that you have no feelings at all for her. To make it even worse for her ask for the gifts that you have given or any money you have spent this will help her to bring up negative feelings for you.

Give a bit of threat

Another way to get rid of your ex girlfriend is by giving her a bit of threat. Give a bit of threat by telling her that you will contact legal authorities or will file a complaint of blackmailing. You should be prepared to contact the authorities and make regular follow ups to get the peace of mind.

Collect evidence

If in any case the ex girlfriend has been harassing you then you should always collect all possible evidences to confront it and let her know about the same. You should always save such kind of emails, letters, voicemails and your conversations. Keep a track of your ex girlfriend’s behavior and contact immediate authorities.

Block personal details

Try and get a new cell phone or even move out to a new location and make sure that address and phone numbers are unlisted. Report and Block all personal details by contacting the relevant authorities. Refuse to accept any kind of mails or packages if the identity of the sender is not known.