How to Hold Hair-Cutting Scissors

How to Hold Hair-Cutting ScissorsThe very first lesson which is taught to any of the hairstylist in their early stage of training is that how they should hold their shears in proper way so that no injuries or hurt would be caught as result. Missing this step at the time of learning may leave you with regrets and nothing else. There are so many reasons for getting the proper grip to the scissors. Following mentioned are some of the useful techniques and tips that would tell you how to hold hair cutting scissors so that you can be able to do your task with more perfection and results would also be awesome in the case.

Why holding scissors perfectly are important

To hold it in proper way is useful and it have two main reasons. One is if the scissors are not hold properly then you can get any stress in hands and wrists. Even continuously these hurts to the area may later result in carpal tunnel syndrome. So, for avoiding that problem it would be great to learn the technique. Another reason which is already discussed is that if you are uncomfortable in holding pair of scissors or other tools at the time of hair-cutting then the result will be drastic which nobody likes to have because looks are most important.

Get the structure of the tools

Before getting proper gripping to your tool it would be great for you to check the basics for your tools. It is not a difficult task to do and you need to just give a quick look to the tool and then would get it have  two blades which are connected from the center use a screw and below that screw there are handles made for finger holes. A small piece is also there which overhangs from the slighter of finger holes. This is known as tang and it give stability to the scissors when you hold that properly and the central area having bolt is called pivot point and it makes the scissors to open and close.

Traditional and Western scissor grip

To hold scissors western grip is very common and usually most of people are taught to hold the same and it is like how to hold any of the normal scissor. In western grip, thumb should be inserted in larger area have two finger holes and then ring finger should be go in the smaller hole where the tang is attached. Both the index and middle fingers can be placed over the arm of scissors which are after blades and in front of finger holes. The shears are held with a palm folded and then thumb and fingers are protracted to the same length. Then by making simple moves with your thumb you can easily open or close the scissors. For better control and grip over scissors you should keep fingers stationery and not make movement with fingers. Using the same technique you would discover getting more grip and better control at the time of hair-cutting. Thus, results would be better finished and accurate looks.