How To Know If Your Boyfriend Has Another Girlfriend

How To Know If Your Boyfriend Has Another GirlfriendMany times a boyfriend cheats with their partner and they try to hide it for as long as possible. This kind of a relation can be destructive for any girl. Every girl should be aware of every possible sign of the boyfriend’s behavior to know whether he is cheating or not however not every sign will show that he is cheating on you and that your boyfriend has another girlfriend. So if you are thinking on how to know if your boyfriend has another girlfriend then one important thing is to always communicate with your guy before you get into any kind of conclusions.

How to know whether your boyfriend has another girlfriend

Recognize change in habits

First thing to do is to recognize any changes in your boyfriend’s habits. If you find that he is taking a lot of interest in his attire or grooming and previously did not then this can raise a flag of warning. Also you should recognize if he returns late from work or if he says that he is spending more time with his friends. Though these kinds of habits will not really prove that he is cheating on you however these can be good indicators.

Track his phone calls 

If you think that there is something strange or mysterious about his calls then you should always keep a track. Though every time his phone rings it does not mean that his girlfriend is calling however if you find him talking privately or in some kind of hesitation then there is something to worry. Also if he texts more often rather calling then this is another sign of cheating.

Think from his point of view

Many times the boyfriend thinks that you are not making any personal changes in yourself or not doing things that interests him then he might think that you are not taking interest in him as you used to do earlier and that might show his guilt upon you and is taking more interest in another girl. This kind of a feeling gives him a way to cheat. The boyfriend suspects that even you are cheating on him.

Figure out if he is lying

Figure out if he is lying to you even on small issues so if he is lying even on small issues then he might even hide something bigger. You can find out whether he is lying in a number of ways. For example ask him what was the need to tell a lie when he could have told the truth about the situation, you can also determine your own responses and get to know why he lies about them.


Communicating with your boyfriend is a good way to know if he has another girlfriend. Do not ask him in an accusing manner rather ask him with a calm mind. Tell him that you are feeling concerned about the relationship and that you think he has another girlfriend. Do not force him a lot and if he refuses to discuss anything and does not bother him a lot then certainly he has another girlfriend.