How to Layer Hair Extension

How to Layer Hair ExtensionTo get long, luxurious hair in no time you have to try using human hair extensions. It can be of any length as per your personal choice. When you see any celebrity over the television perhaps you would have thought that to get that length and style of hair and this easy way to maintain the look is to layer hair extensions. You can get blunt cut hair length or any of the realistic look as well. Following given are the ways for how to layer hair extensions. So that you can follow the steps and achieve the best look.

Essential Steps for you

Step 1- The very first step which you need to try is to get your hair extension and after that install them over the head. You are suggested not to use the hair wig as it would replicate the size, shape and needs of your scalp. Time to style the extensions and you can give a try to your imaginative and creative skills as well.

Step2– Next step will keep you nearer to the final look. Now you have to part your hair in a way you want to style. This will help you to tell you are going in the correct way and everything is done perfectly as well. The techniques told will work for net weaves, clip on extensions, and sew in and fusion hair.

Step 3– Next step is to pull the new extensions in four different ponytails. Make two side by side at the front side of head in a way little girls make pigtails and next two should be made at the back. Stack another on the top. To get long and extra thick extensions one should make division in back into three stacked ponytails.

Step 4– Leave the back ponytail as it was in a way and then cut the rest three to four sections of your hair. Trying this you would be able to get the full length you bought on at least at one point on your head.

Step 5- For cutting, some inches off the top back ponytails, you need to slide the elastic band down and it should be placed little above the length you desired the length for hair. Now, time to use the pair of sharp hair scissors and it would help to cut the unwanted cuts. How much hair length you want to cut is all up to you but you are suggested not to cut down more than 3-4 inches of hair length because it would provide the hair blocky look and the layered look will go damaged completely.

Step 6- Now, time is to keep a check over the front part and make a gradual fringe around the facial area and for that use a razor comb. For every front ponytail, using wide comb, comb the hair and slide the razor at down side. You should start from eye level. Always use sharp strokes to thin out the hair and make a tapered look which would provide you best look.

Step 7- Keep track of layered clip on or sewn in extension and then make them count and you would get simple and breezy look.