How to Lighten Hair Color

How to Lighten Hair ColorHair is what which if styled in best way or maintained well then add points to looking great. Even some people love experimenting and so that used to make changes in the styles of hair after sometime to look different. Another easy solution to change your look without compromising with hair length is that you can color your hair. Using hair dye and bleaching the hair is very common. It is believed to be fashion trend too. In case, due to any reason if you want to hide your color then needs to get how to lighten hair color. Honey is great solution that would help you to do your desired task. From years honey is believed to be natural moisturizer for hair and also works as a lightener. To get lighter look follow the below mentioned techniques.

Honey lightening Treatment

Prepare Lightening Mixture– Honey is sticky and to make it loose add some water. Then you can apply that to your hair. For application, make four parts of your honey, mixed with one part of apple cider vinegar or water. Combine it well until got equal consistency. People who love to have more drastic change have option to add some hydrogen peroxide to the mixture. It will give you many shades lighter than the bleach. Having dark brown or black hair people should not use the same to hair because result will be in orange shade of hair. For reddish blonde, add some henna powder, coffee and cinnamon to the mixture. Those loves to have strawberry hue should add hibiscus petals to the mixture. Now, leave the blend as it is for 30- 60 minutes.

Application of Mixture Time- Take a waste cloth or towel and drape it over the shoulders so that if the color runs down then won’t damage the clothes. Take some amount of honey solution and put that over scalp. Using fingertips, massage it well so that would easily applied to the whole hair. Continuously pour the honey and apply to hair in the way done before. You have to follow the process till whole hair covered completely with honey.

Cover your hair with plastic cap– Take a shower cap and wear over head and if you are not available with cap then take some sheets of plastic wrap and cover your hair. The honey will take around 2 hours to sit and you will manage to get lighter look.

Wash the Hair– When honey has settled over hair for 2 hours then you have to rinse the hair with the help of warm water. When honey is completely removed from hair, then take a mild shampoo and wash your hair and condition them as well. Using a towel pat them dry and leave for air dry. Remember one thing never use blow dryer to dry the hair as it can damage the hair health. Now your hair is honey colored.

Above mentioned are simple and easy to follow techniques that would explain you how to lighten hair color. So, follow and enjoy the awesome and new look.